feel free to link me to a prev. thread that discusses this.. I searched back a few pages and couldn't find it.

We're a younger couple getting married at CSS in June. We have booked a one-bedroom beach front, because I love to have a bathtub.

However, recently have been looking at other visitor's photos and can't deny the beauty and lushness that you see from other categories.. I saw recent pics taken from the D block and thought "that's what I want!"..

I can live without a bathtub, right? I can use a hot tub if I get the need to soak.. (Somehow I bought a house without bathtubs, so whenever I'm on vacation I want to be able to bathe).

We dont' mind stairs at all... in fact think it might be nice to help work off all the great food and drink we're sure to partake in.

So.. what is recommended? Stop whining and stick with what we have booked?

or switch?
and if we do switch.. do you all recommend the one bedroom ocean or the deluxe veranda?