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    First of all you are comparing two first rate Jamican resorts, so you can't go wrong with either. The food at both is top notch, The Jamaican people ( the best part of either resort ) are fantastic at both resorts. You can't really want for anything in the line of drink as both resorts offer you top shelf liqour of any kind to my favorite, good old Red Stripe beer. So now we get to the "nudity" issue which seems to be the main thrust of the replies here however misguided. Tower Island is a bit more compact ( as it is a very small island ) and as such there is no "total" isolation. Most people refer to the right side of the tower as the more private side, but in reality it is simply more of a "quiet" area of the island as there is still not a lot of room to spread out so to speak. The bar side of the island can be quiet as well at times as there are many people who just stretch out on a lounge and read or engage in quiet conversation. The pool and bar area can get a little more raucous from time to time, but only in good fun. Sunset Beach is very nice and there is plenty of room to spread out should that be your preference. It definitely affords a couple a bit more privacy ( aside from the fisherman, boaters that have already been mentioned.) Again it is the pool area at Sunset Beach that is more for socialization and "partying" again I say "all in good fun" and since it is a much larger pool area, there is usually a couple of different groups engaged. To sum it up, both resorts will treat you like a King and Queen. If you need more room and a sandy beach when you are naked then you'll prefer CSS. If you prefer closer quarters ( which usually helps in immediate socialization ) then you will prefer CTI. My wife and I prefer CTI because we have friends who go the same time, and don't at all mind the closer quarters. We will however spend a day on SSB "Trading Spaces". We also prefer the layout of CTI as it is more "hotel" like where CSS is more like condos and the "terracing" design of the units, has you doing a lot of climbing of steep hills to get around. Again I have heard just as many people say that they don't like the hotel type layout and prefer the "perceived" more private units of CSS. I also think that the crowd is a little more ( and I stress little here) reserved at SSB, and the crowd is slightly more ( stress slightly) inclined to party at CTI. I almost didn't want to say that because the difference is so slight. Whew now I have to breathe!!! You will have the vacation of a lifetime at either resort, and you will be wanting to return. I hope this long winded response helped. It's a curse being a two handed typist, you don't know when to shut the hell up!

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    Well said Mr. 2Cool...could not have described it better..we too prefer the feel of "The Island" but both are wonderful...

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    Thanks for the affirmation geonsue. I just wish I could have said it in fewer words. LOL

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