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    Default $100 check on departure for passionate rewards level??

    Hi all!! We just got back from CSA (had a fantastic time-will post a review later) and we were wondering about the $100 check on departure for the passionate rewards level? We stayed 8 nights, and when I asked about it at check out the gentleman said that he had no record of it and it would arrive in the mail. Has this happened to anyone else? Will it really arrive in the mail or should I just shrug and say oh well? They must have had us down as passionate rewards level, since we got the $75 gift shop credit....just wondering....

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    In Europe, we are told a cheque in £ ( GBP ) would be issued by the London office.
    "Naturally" we were sceptical, but it was behind the door with a 2010 calendar when we arrived back home.
    If you dont get your's I am sure a polite query will quickly sort it.....

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    We got the $100. check upon departure. If you did not contact Couples and they will check and take care of you

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    I get the impression that you have to keep asking them while you are there. They have a hard time keeping up with who gets what.

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    We returned from CSA a few weeks ago. We were also at the Passionate Reward level. The check was made out and waiting when we checked out. Actually, it was dated 2 days prior to our departure. Did you check your Romance Rewards points to be sure they had you at Passionate level?

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    We always get our check before we leave. I have never had it sent to me in the mail. You may want to check back with them to make sure they had you down for the correct rewards level.

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    Hi mysandytoes

    We are from the UK and we did get our cheque in the mail, it's easier for Couples UK to send the cheque made out for the equivalent value in pounds sterling. However, our friends from the US received their cheque for $100 dollars on departure.

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    Greetings. We're in the passionate level too and did NOT recieve the $100check @ upon departure (April 8) nor a check in the mail yet (CSA)? I did email Sharie Gordon @ Guest Relations and she was back tracking for us. Consistency w/the policy and issuance of the check would be nice and should be a goal. We had to check out by 8 am so we thought it was just too early for the check to be there...??? Just chiming in. Razzl

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    Contact Seandymon at the Romance Rewards site. We got both of our checks before departure. At CTI we asked on our last day. At CSS it was under our door 2 days before we left.

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    We were at SweptAway from Feb. 27'th until March 6'th. We received all of our Romance Rewards benefits while there except for the $100 check (which I had forgotten about). It arrived by mail about three weeks after our stay (sent from Couples Florida office). We also received it by mail after our stay the previous year.

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    Last Oct at CTI we didn't get one on check out It arrived in the mail some time later.

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    Ours wasn't ready upon checkout at CSA last summer, but it arrived in the mail the next week.
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    Sharie emailed me. The check's on its way. No worries. Couples will take care of this! Razzl

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    How does CN typically handle this? Do they tend to provide a check before you leave (a day or two before or upon checkout?) or do the drop it in the mail?
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    We forgot about it last time and it came in the mail about 2 weeks later, no worries.

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    We just left CTI yesterday morning and was told they had the wrong names on our check so we didn't receive one .

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    We stayed at CN last week and were handed the $100 check when we checked out Saturday morning. I listed my romance rewards number on the check-in form. I also did the pre check-in on line prior to arriving. Maybe this helped. I noticed that the check was dated two days prior to our departure date.

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    We were at CSA from 4/1 to 4/9. We are at the Passionate level. I had to ask them at check in about our rewards and they did locate our package. At check out I again had to remind them and they located the little cooler with the snacks but they did not have our check for $100. They said it would be mailed. It hasn't been 2 weeks yet so I figured I would wait another week or 2 to see if I get it.

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    We have stayed 3 times at CSS, we had to ask for our Romance Rewards this past time. I saw lots of people wearing the t-shirts & just assumed they had purchased them at the gift shop. Upon check-out, I asked the lady helping us if I could buy one of the cute little coolers & she said they weren't for sale. She then checked our reward points and saw that, indeed, we were entitled to the departure snack in the cooler, and the t-shirts, too. I'm really glad that I asked, or we would not have received them. We did get our 30 minute messages without having to ask for them (we upgraded to the longer messages). We did not receive our $50 gift shop credit. It's a shame that they don't put more emphasis on the Romance Rewards, and make sure that the gifts are given out. Repeat business is what fuels many resorts! It's funny how a "freebie" makes us happy after having spent $5,000-$6,000 for a vacation... Next time we will be sure to stay on top of things, as we should be at Passionate Love Level for our next visit. And thanks to you guys, we will know to ask for a check upon departure!

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    Well, now it's May 3rd and I still haven't received the $100 check. I emailed them a week ago and no response. It's not a deal breaker but it is a little aggravating. We're still booked for next April. Maybe they'll have my check at check in?

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    Because we always leave on Sunday, the check is rarely there for our departure. It has taken up to 6 weeks to arrive by mail, but eventually it gets here. It's Island Time, mon.

    We're still waiting for the check from our April 18th departure. Soon come.
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    We are passionate reward level and stayed at CN Apr 17-6
    I checked in online a week before arrival.
    Upon arrival we did NOT get our rewards. By 5PM the next day I called to ask about it and it was delivered within a half hour of my phone call. Night before check out we got our snack pack and morning of check out we received our $100 check.

    Although it was suppose to be straightened out, it seems it's just the luck of the draw.

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    I asked about the t-shirts and snacks and they acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. I didn't realize the snack came in a cooler. I would have loved that. I was actually counting on the snack as we were unable to have lunch or breakfast due to the time we left and issues with our luggage. We got the messages without having to ask but we did not get the sparkling cider we requested instead of champagne for our honeymoon.

    Maybe it was because I was unable to do the check-in online. I tried but the website kept timing out. I only had two chances to try because we left shortly after our wedding. We were out of town so it was hard to get access to the internet. I did list it on the form they gave us though. Maybe next time things will work better.

    Does anyone have a photo of the cooler or t-shirts? I am curious to see them.

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    I guess I should have waited one more day before posting that I still haven't received my $100 arrived today. Oops, Sorry Couples. In 7 trips to Jamaica, you'd think I would have learned to have a little patience. It Irie mon!!

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    We left CTI last Tuesday. No cooler with snacks, but we did receive our rebate check the Saturday before our departure. I think it all depends on the accounting department at the resort.
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