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    Default Deluxe Ocean at CSS

    We are having our wedding/honeymoon at CSS (21 days left!) and when we booked we selected the deluxe ocean room, as the verandah was sold out. I am now feeling really bad that we selected the "basic" room and wanted to know if anybody else stayed in the deluxe ocean room at CSS? Considering the occasion, should we be looking to upgrade to one of the higher categories when we get there? Is it really expensive? Am I just stressing out? Ugh, help please..

    a bride in distress.

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    The only thing Deluxe Ocean does not have is a balcony. If that is important to you try to upgrade. The cost different is not that much

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    Yes, we did in March 2010. Beach front siuites - very nice indeed. We were lucky and were given an upgrade, you may too. All the rooms are nice I believe. Let them know it is your honeymoon!

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    Thanks guys, I hope the room isn't too bad... it is such a special day, I don't want it to be ruined. I hope they can upgrade us for little cost

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