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    Default curious Newbies comin to CN...

    Hello! We have booked our honeymoon to CN for this September 2010. We are so excited since neither of us have been out of the States. We were curious as to a few things that maybe you regulars to CN can answer:
    Is there a casino at CN?
    Whats the September weather like?
    We booked a beachfront suite, is there any building or area you recommend us asking for that has the best view?
    Thank you all! We cannot wait!

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    Great questions...We have booked our honeymoon to CN in Sept(6-13). This next 5 months will take forever to pass.

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    "Whats the September weather like?"

    It can rain at times ( it is Hurricane Season ) but it's warm and sunny in Jamaica almost year round.

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    Hi Melissa,

    There is a very small casino at CN, I think it's only a couple machines in the room, not really much. Not sure about the weather in September as we were there in May last year for our honeymoon. We had a beachfront suite in block 6 and we had a great view and loved it. The only problem that we had was that we were next to the events so it did get loud in the evening. You will love CN. We will be going home this August to CSA and I am day dreaming about our return. Couples is a great place to honeymoon.


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    CONGRATS!! You've picked the best place 9on earth for your honeymoon!! No there's not really any casino. CN does have a casino night in the piano bar. We stayed in the Beachfront Suite in building 6. Our room was 6201. If you would like to see some pictures of the room and the view feel free to email me at iahawks_rule@yahoo in the subject just put CN pics. The room was amazing, not that we were in it much.

    Anyone else wanting pictures of the room just email me.

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