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    Default Single digit dancin! Next best thing

    to Couples Eve and being there!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mzambo View Post
    to Couples Eve and being there!!!!!!!!!!! we woke up doing the single digit dance

    Man do I need this vacation, we almost chose May, boy am I glad we went with April

    9 days 14 hrs 48 min 32 sec til wheels up

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    I'm right there with on that on Marie. I can hardly sit still. Two more work days then the last long week-end. Monday morning we finally get to go. Another great thing for this trip, we are arriving in Montego Bay at 9:30 a.m. We could be at CTI by noon or so.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone on exchange day.

    We have only a few hours left to this day, so we have 4 days to sweat it out.

    When I worked in Human Services and had a client that was being difficult, one of my co-workers used to tell me to "go to your happy place Rich".
    That's where I'm going to spend the next four days. In my happy place.


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    We are down to single digits too but I procrastinate and have not even started to get ready for the wedding or honeymoon yet really. Time goes really fast when you procrastinate!

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    3 days and a wake up. Flying out Monday morning.

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    Ahhh Richie,

    Looking forward to seeing you and Syl too!

    Blueseagolt, Which resort? We will be at CSS trading places at CTI.

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    Why is it the closer you get to Couples Eve ........the longer it takes to get there~

    We will be celebrating Couples Eve Saturday and will arrive at 10:30am Sunday in Montego Bay!!!!!I hope these last few days either go very slowly or very quickly!!The crazy anticipation is half the fun BUT......I'm over anticipating now I just want to hit CTI's beautiful lobby!!!!!

    See you all very soon!!!

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