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    Default CTI-Slots&beaches

    Has the beach gotten any better?Are the slots still there?Will will be there Aug.15-22nd 2010!!!!!

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    Slots? As in slot machines? None there if that is what you were refering to.
    As far as the beach, it is still a narrow beach but very well manicured and I always feel that it is never crowded.

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    There were 4-5 slot machines to the right of the old pool room.I've heard and seen pic's of all the damage to the beach,was wondering if nature has fixed this?

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    At our last trip to CTI my Bride insisted on playing the slots.
    She travels to Vegas for business and has a winning record.

    So after dinner we walked by the hot tub and pool tables and says gimme $$$$.
    "The heck you say".
    These slots must have a 1% return since there is a captive crowd.
    Maximum payout was $700.
    On the third pull she hits the $700 jackpot.
    It took every dollar to pay her off. The lady attending the slots had nothing left and had to call someone off premises to bring her money.
    I, the skeptic, was proved wrong yet again.
    Bill & Karen, San Antonio, TX, Been to CTI and CN.
    Been to Jamaica 5 times including CTI & CN before our trip scheduled for April 14-22, 2010 to CSS.
    We renewed our vows on our 25th anniversary in Jamaica.

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    Whenwere you guy's there?So the slots are still there as of when?

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    Default slots

    The slots were not there in oct 2009..

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    They were not there in Jan. 2010 either.

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