For all of you destination brides(and grooms!)-to-be, I am soooo jealous! My husband and I were dreaming of a tropical wedding, toes in the sand, just the two of us... We were planning on eloping and then coming home and throwing a casual party to celebrate with friends and family. Well, my SIL decided to tell our little secret to the rest of the family and of course, it didn't go over well with ANYONE. Here we were trying to be money-conscious (my brother had been married about 15 months before, and my husbands sister had been married just under a year before our dream wedding date) for ourselves as well as our families, and everyone INSISTED we have a wedding locally. SO! We had a small but nice wedding with friends and family, a bit more than we had anticipated (you know, we wanted it to just be the two of us!) but beautiful and fun nonetheless. We had to forego our honeymoon, as we spent the weddingmoon money on the wedding and couldn't afford the 'moon! After all those weddings, it is time for us to have some time to relax and enjoy each others...and stick our toes in the sand and promise our souls to each other once again. Just the two of us this time!

If any of you out there have any suggestions, comments, PICTURES (hint, hint) of your vow renewal, please, I'd love to hear/see it! Thanks so much!

Dirk and Jules
Central California