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    Default Transporting Wedding Dress

    I am getting married January 11, 2012, can't believe how fast time has went, only52 days, now I am starting to freak out on all these details.
    Can I get some input and any advice on how others have transported their wedding dress on the flight.
    Thank you in advance.....

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    They would not let me hang it in a closet so I laid it in top of other stuff in the overhead bin. Luckily my dress was not a large pouffy dress. I just hung it up at CSA and it was fine. No worries.

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    I carried mine on in its bag, then placed it in the overhead compartent on top of my carry-on. It was fine. Some airlines will actually put it in a closet for you.

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    My airline (Delta) couldn't guarantee a closet, so I put my dress in its own carry on bag. I rolled the dress up as nicely as I could using tissue paper between the folds. It didn't wrinkle at all

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    Thank you all....

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    I am getting married on 4/19/12 at CTI and I am flying Caribbean Airlines. Because I am flying business class I am able to hang my dress up. but if I was flying economy they said I would have to put it up top.

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    My little brother and dad literally wrapped my dress up and stuffed it into a duffel bag to carry on. I hung it up and ran the hot water when we got there and it's good as new. Well at least untill I got into the water with it. hehe

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    I have a question for everyone...what type of garment bag (or duffel! lol!) did you use/are you planning to use for your dress?

    I was thinking actual suitcase type garment bag but wondered if a basic cloth garment bag would be sufficient? I'd rather spend $20 vs $100 but also want my dress well protected and not viewable by the man until the big day

    Thanks!! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    I was just thinking about this the other day....we leave for Jamaica on May 14th and I was planning on putting my dress in my carry on suitcase. Glad to have all of the input!

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    Let me just say Couples Negril rocked. My wedding was perfect. On transporting dress...I put mine in a carry-on
    suitecase which it fit in perfect. My problem was that my dress was pretty creased when I got it from David's
    Bridal and thought I would just worry about it when I got to the resort. If it would have been all pressed prior it would
    made it there without wrinkles. I tried the shower and had also brought my own mini steamer. I ended up having the
    resort send it out. I got it back the same day and they did a great job. It only cost me $30.00. The suitcase
    worked so well because then you did not have to carry something, just roll it. Congrats all and Couples takes care
    of everything so well.

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    I am planning on carrying my dress in a garment bag. My dress came with a clear garment bag, so I had to switch with a friend of mines, now i have a pink non-see through cloth garment bag so it's all good! I didn't think about putting it in a suitcase, I think that would be more of a pain in my opinion. I'm planning on purchasing a travel steamer to take with me. I was told it would be $60 to have your dress steamed/pressed.

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    I was able to hang my dress in the closet on Delta. When I got to CSA they asked if I needed the dress steamed, but it was fine.

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