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    Default Help needed... can't decide between two couples!

    My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon and can't seem to decide between CTI and CSS. We want to go to Ocho Rios for the Dunns River and horseback riding experiences.

    Can someone please give me your opinions regarding which you would recommend and why? What are the differences? Can we go horseback riding if we stay at CTI?

    I would love to hear about accomodations difference and overall experience for the two resorts.

    I am very much looking forward to our trip but aren't sure which to pick so rather than flipping a coin I would appreciate some feedback!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Not having stayed at a Couples resort yet, I can't offer any experience comparisons. The vets in here who have done so will provide plenty of that. But with respect to the inclusive activities, only CTI offers the horseback riding and cat cruise. If either or both of those activities rank high on your must-do list, then you might consider CTI. Otherwise, continue reading up on what each resort offers in terms of layout, physical characteristics, etc to hone in on what matters to you most. Eventually one of them will keep drawing you back and that will be your resort of choice. Good luck.

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    For us, the differences were in the layout and vibe of each resort. The food was excellent at both.

    Sans Souci had a more romantic feel as there are paths and stairways and hidden little places all over...lots of vegetation, and the rooms are huge. The Couples Massage was done on the cliff over the water- and most days we felt like we were there alone - never felt like a crowded resort. Also, Room Service is available for all 3 meals...we loved having dinner on our balcony watching the nightly show right below us.

    Tower Isle is new and fresh and like an upscale Euro-Miami hotel. There is a Pool Bar which isn't for us...and was loud at times when we wanted to relax on our balcony....
    The Spa is serene and they've done a beautiful job with it, as well as the restaurants....

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    Ron and Rosa,

    Thanks for your response... I checked and we can horseback ride if we stay at CSS however there will be an additional cost with it. I appreciate your response.


    Thank you for your personal experience and it helped very much. I like the idea of the romantic and idyllic setting CSS sounds to provide. I am just curious about the condition of the rooms at CSS? Were you pleased with them? Also were the restaurants close enough to see the water and beach when eating at them?

    Let me know what you think!


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    There is nothing wrong with the rooms at CSS. I don't understand the negative TA reviews about the rooms. My guess is those people are looking for marble and four-poster beds. The rooms are nice and roomy being they are all suites. Also remember that you don't spend a ton of time in your room.

    From Palazzina and Bella Vista (beach grill) you can see the ocean. Casanova is only open in the evenings when it is dark and is up on the cliff so no, you can't see the ocean from it.

    What Ross was saying is that at CTI the horseback riding is included with the cost of the stay at the resort. The horseback riding is not included as one of the free excursions at CSS, but like you said, you can always purchase the excursion on your own.
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    CTI all the way.

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    Our suite at Sans Souci was large,
    clean and updated . At Swept Away we always stay right on the beach but what we liked about Sans Souci was being high up with views if the sea, the mountains and we could even see the Cruise Ships docked in Ochi.

    I remember there being views from almost anywhere we ate, as the resort is built into the side of the cliff so most of it is facing out to sea.

    Sans Souci is the most intimate of the four resorts, in our opinion. It was the only time we didn't run into any noisy groups gathering at meals or anywhere else..going back this year.

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    Other than the bed to sleep ;-) you won't be in the rooms much. You'll spend more time on the balcony then in the room so book a room with a balcony and ocean view. We just returned from CSS after 5 times to CN and cannot wait to return - the resort was so beautiful and fun to explore as there are so many nooks and crannies to discover on the property. I vote give CSS a try!
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    We got married at SS last march and went to TI for our anniversary. TI is much smaller. We really like to walk after dinner and you cannot do that at TI. The resort is set right on te beach, where as at SS the resort is set back some and has more grass. Additionally, SS has more character as far as greenary and trees and grass. Food was about the same, however TI has a veggie bar with excellent healthy choices. The horseback riding was EXCELLENT! totally worth it! We didnt do Dunns River either time. If you are an au natural person, the au natural beach at SS rocks! Tower Island was fun too, but there is no food on the island so you have to leave the island for lunch. Because SS is in a cove area, we werent able to do ANY water sports for the entire week we stayed there because any choppiness in the water and they close water sports. At TI the water sports were open every day and we went snorkling 2x and saw a sunken ship. That was fun. If you want to lay on the beach and have a romantic vaca go to SS. If you are active and want to do things, go to TI. Keep in mind that you can visit the other resort and couples will transport you because they are only 5 minutes away from each other. Next year, we plan on doing 5 days at TI and 5 days at SS. I heear swept away and negril arent even worth trying. Hope that helps!!

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    Well, not to throw a wrench into the works, but we've stayed at both CSS and CTI and while both are VERY nice, we loved CTI. CSS was a little too quiet? boring? honestly, I'm not sure what it was/wasn't, but CTI really spoke to us when we were there. We stayed in a 1BR Beachfront Jacuzzi suite at CSS, and we weren't wild about the view or the room. It was nice, but NOT beachfront. More like "lawnfront" with the water in the distance. If I had it to do over again, I would stay up on the cliffs. We had a deluxe Oceanview at CTI, and the view was SPECTACULAR! Right there on the water. We watched the moon rise over the island many nights. AAAAH.

    Also, we liked the beach MUCH better at CTI. It felt bigger and more open. Tower Island itself was interesting, but not a deal-breaker either way. Actually we liked Sunset Beach (at CSS) a LOT more than Tower Isle, but we're not huge AN fans, so we don't really base our vacation on that.

    One thing I DO have to say about CSS, though, is it was clearly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. The grounds are gorgeous.

    Whichever one you decide, go, don't look back, and have a BLAST!


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    We have been to both CTI and CSS and prefer CSS. We feel CSS is much more beautiful and we enjoyed the food more. Plus you have a Friday night GALA and a beach party. The huts by the ocean for the Spa are fantastic. The views from everywhere on the resort are spectacular. I don't know when you are getting married but if this trip is for next year, book by April 15th and you'll receive a $500 resort credit that you could use for the horseback riding. Whichever resort you select you will have a wonderful time. We swap between CSS, CTI and CN because each one offers something different. Best wishes on your future journey together.

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    Default Thanks to everyone!

    Thanks for all your input, it is very much appreciated! You have given me lots to think about for our honeymoon! I still haven't decided between CSS and CTI but I have made progress!

    Thanks again!


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    Quote Originally Posted by tax View Post
    Thanks for all your input, it is very much appreciated! You have given me lots to think about for our honeymoon! I still haven't decided between CSS and CTI but I have made progress!

    Thanks again!

    Do a split! They are only five minutes apart.
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