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    Default CSA Fishing 3/28 - 4/2?

    Anyone interested in sharing a fishing charter once that week? I'll be signing up at the desk, would love to have company - no specific day in mind.

    Leaving in 3 days!
    Matt from WA

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    one more try...

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    let the tour desk know the first day you get there that you want to go and maybe they can team you up with others. the more that go, the cheaper it is. if you go- post on the MB how the fishing was please! we will be going in 3 weeks!

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    Who are you Chartering with. We may do this next June when I am down for my wedding?

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    The tour desk sets it up. There are a few companies both in Ocho and Negril that do it. I am 99% (WEATHER PERMITTING) sure we are going so I will be sure to tell the MB all about it when I return. It generally runs about $300 a couple if there are only 2 people. It decreases significantly if you have others with you. You go out pretty far- so don't go out with a hangover. Even if you handle cruises and boats on lakes well- bring some dramamine or motion sickness pills - its a while new world way out there in a tiny boat!

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    I'll let you know how it works out...I'll just sign up when we arrive and hope someone else wants to join in!

    Leaving in a few hours!


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