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    Default Couples souvenirs items

    Hi !

    I have 2 questions regarding Couples souvenirs which I hope some of you can help out with.


    I've seen a funny picture which says something like:
    "I Surrvived the Road to Negril".
    Where can you get a t-shirt with that print ?


    I've also seen some great glass water bottles with the Couples logo in the glass. Where can those be bought ?

    Thank you for your time.

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    "I survived the Road to Negril"... no one who has traveled that road in the last 10 years deserves that t-shirt... Time was, the road to Negril was a rough track that inspired that slogan. Now, its a modern, paved, road, making Negril far more accessible than it once was.

    Now there are those who still think that by giving themselves over to a bus driver for this ride that they are somehow joining some sort of daredevil club... hey, if that's how you feel, go nuts... I think you'll be disappointed!

    As for the water bottles, I can't say I've seen them... I'd suggest checking out the gift shop or logo shop at your Couples Resort... or try looking at . I looked, but didn't see them... although they do have some attractive logo champagne flutes. But items come and go, so perhaps they show up, sell out, and disappear. Good luck!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    The water bottles are given out at CTI, they have fountains throughout the property to fill them. It is a great way to do away with plastic water bottle waste. As much as I love to see those "Likkle Wata Bottles" these new reusable water bottles that Couples has come out with are a great souviner and a way not to fill the land fills with more waste.
    I hope in the future they will do this at all the Couples, in the meantime we will be sure to bring ours with us to CSA in April.

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    Water bottles are in the room at CTI when you check in.

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    Chris: Thank you for your answers. Regarding the t-shirt, I just thought it was funny to look at... I've taken the Bus myself and the road is like you say, not that rough.

    BeachSam: Thank you.. Now I know where to target my search.

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    I actually got a pic that someone posted on this board & made my own shirt!

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    I need more fish!

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    The road to Negril is fine. The days of old are simply part of history just like the old tin roofs and long hot walks off the tarmack when you arrived at Mobay.

    I am going to miss my one lane bridge. I heard that it was upgraded. There goes the adventure.

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    We were at CTI in November 2009 and are looking to go to CSA November 2010, can we bring our water bottles to CSA with us to have them fill? I know there's been discussion that they won't fill mugs, but I haven't seen a question or answer to this...thanks!!

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    Here is the design of "The Road to Negril". I hope to find a shirt also.
    Mike & Martha

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    CTI 2011
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    "We were at CTI in November 2009 and are looking to go to CSA November 2010, can we bring our water bottles to CSA with us to have them fill?"

    There's water ( and ice) in the rooms - you can fill them yourselves.

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    Yes, you can bring your water bottles to other results to be filled with water.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I remember those t-shirts from our first couple of visits to Negril back 12 or 13 years ago. Our driver actually hit a cow on the road to Negril once ............ well really just bumped a cow & moved it off the road .......... without killing it. It's not anything now like it used to be. Makes it a faster trip between Mobay & Negril but it used to be VERY entertaining if you like being scared out of your pants. HA HA Our very first time we made that trip to Negril it was raining a downpour ...... I just knew someone from our family was going to have to come & identify the bodies. LOL

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