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    Default November Weather

    We were at CSS last year in July and the weather was great. Will be returning next year in November and wondering what to expect with the weather and water temp in the beach and pools. Anyone that can help your comments are appreciated.

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    I hear it is pretty much warm all year, but I will bump this to see as we will be there Nov 24 - Dec 2.

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    we were there mid November last year and it was pretty warm all RAIN. Although speaking to other travelers, I guess it rained in Montego Bay everyday for a little bit in the afternoon. Negril is where it's at ;-)

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    In Negril last November we had good weather for the most part. We did get in on the ouskirts of a hurricane which messed up the beach for a couple of days. The people who were there the week prior to our arrival had quite a bit of rain we heard(first week of November). I am not sure how equivalent the weather is in Ocho Rios but I would assume it to be fairly similar. Just remember that although unlikely, there is still a chance of a hurricane or tropical storm affecting your stay.

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    We were married in November 1995, honeymooned in Jamaica and have returned for our anniversary every year since. We have always stayed at a resort in Montego Bay but are going to CSA this year so the weather report could vary a bit but I can tell you that in all those trips we've only had "bad" weather twice--I'd still rather have bad weather in Jamaica than good weather at home! One year it was really windy, so windy that even the sand on the beach was being kicked up, it was sunny all week though. The other time we had bad weather a hurricane was approaching and we had a couple days of all day rain then the hurricane took an unexpected turn south and we were in the clear for the rest of the trip. Even in the rain it was warm so we still went outside, since it was quite a storm the sea became un-swimmable but the pools were still usable.

    I really wouldn't worry about the weather one bit, I have a magnet on my locker at work with a guy napping in a hammock under a palm tree and a parrot sitting on a blender with an out-of-order sign, the words on the magnet say a bad day on vacation is still better than a good day at work. You'll have a great time regardless.

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