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    Hey Francine, what this is about is that a bunch of us in New England, that have fallen in Love with Couples, all got together this past weekend for our 2nd annual N.E. Coupleholics PAR-TAA. It was through the careful planning of a great guy, Rdyjmjm, that it all happened. We all met in Plymouth, Ma for this wonderful get together.

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    Francine.... this past Saturday a bunch of couples got together in Plymouth MA to meet & share memories about the Couples resorts we have been to.

    It was the second annual party which means there will be many more. =)

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    I've just been told by my husband that we've got to rename the party.

    It should be the New England PAH-TY. LOL

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    Pah Tay instead of Pot Tay

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    Travelpatty we have a great photo of you and Mike.

    Thank you, to Jim for planning such a great event. To Randy, Sean & Darinn it was so nice to meet you and your visit was greatly appreciated. Hopefully we didn't bore you guys too much with all of our stories of how much we love COUPLES. It was great meeting everyone!!
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    Randymon NEVER gets tired of hearing us praise Couples Resorts.

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    Thanks Rod; that is a good photo of us! Enjoyed meeting you and Soapy and perhaps we will meet again at another Par Taa or at one of the resorts.

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