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    Default Under 30 days, but concerns are growing

    OK, as repeaters who have been unable to return "home" the past two years, we have been horribly excited about our upcoming trip to CTI. A message board junkie like the rest of you, I read the board faithfully and always enjoy reading the reviews and updates about the newly-refurbished resort that we love so much. Lately, though, as I read the board... my "feel good" feelings haven't felt quite so good. I'm concerned after reading Randymon's responses to multiple problems at the resort. Nudity (naked people in the pool?), parties (toga and PJs), bringing big mugs so one can drink to excess at a quicker pace (?), and more. Am I the only one thinking how sad it is for Randymon to have to address this type of thing? This is COUPLES - not one of those "other" resorts.... which is why most of us choose to pay more. To come to a relaxing, ROMANTIC, intimate resort to reconnect with our loved one. I know for us, this trip is truly special - as we'll be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and my hub's 50th birthday. Do we plan on having some drinks? Certainly! Do we plan on reuniting with old friends we've met at COR/CTI in the past? You betcha! Are we quite sociable and hope to meet new people also enjoying their romantic time? Indeed! But the rowdy sounding parties and spring-break sounding behaviors truly have me wondering what we've done. Now I'm sure that I'll manage to rile some folks up with this post - which is NOT my intent at all. I guess I'm just venting my inner fears that seem to be growing daily - sort of interfering with my warm, fuzzy thoughts about our special trip that is coming soon - and yet still seems too far away. For anyone I may offend with this thread, please know that I don't begrudge you your "fun", I'm merely asking (hoping, praying?) that your idea of fun doesn't impact the other guests' opportunity for a romantic getaway.

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    The rowdy partying seems to be more of a problem at CSA. We didn't encounter any of that at CTI this past February. We did experience that the last two times at CSA though. I think the problem there is the large weddings and most of those groups tend to be in their 20's so their idea of romance and vacation can be quite different.

    We fell in love with CTI because we didn't have any of those issues. Plus people who want to go naked have their very own island for which to strip down.

    Don't fret as u will have a wonderful time.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    Hi Scoop I too will be returning to CTI in 30 days and just want to assure you that NOT THAT MUCH has changed!We were there last year the first week CTI reopened their doors.The resort has maintained it's original beauty and brushed up on it's ..glam appeal.Guests were there to enjoy themselves and each other...all the while respectful of others!Sounds to me like there were some situations that came up and Randy is addressing those.

    I for one do spent my time on the island but have never witnessed balloon fights or anything of that nature.As far as naked people in pools...well there were islanders who were using the spa pool in the evening.And I guess Randy wants to nix that.I have never seen any wild spring break romping at any of the resorts.We have been to all but CSA.

    Anyway just wanted to alleviate your fears.CTI is still the same amazing,romantic,tropical paradise it always was...just a little prettier!!Can't wait to see you there!
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    Scoop---Let me put your worries to rest. You will not be dissapointed in any way. Not only will you be dazzeled by the gorgeous new decor, you will find other subtle changes too.
    We will be there at the same time. We may have run into you before. When did you last visit?
    There is a Meet-up Thread for CTI. Look for "April Amigos". That's our group. Welcome aboard.


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    I 1000% agree with the sentiment. I even took the "risk" of posting in the other thread.

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    I booked my first trip to CTI and have never been to a couples resort and am experiencing the same anxiety for the exact same reasons. After reading about nude parties in the buddha pool and other stories I'm starting to wonder if I should move elsewhere.
    I have no problem with people going AN in the designated areas but do not feel that it should be forced upon me. I want to be able to use all the amenities without feeling uncomfortable.

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    I'm not riled up, just mildly amused. I mean, toga parties, really? Why not? Nobody said it was an orgy...just a toga party! PJ Parties? Same thing! What would be wrong with that? If you are with your spouse, having a good time, what would be the problem? Those sound fun, and I don't see how they could ruin anyone's romantic getaway.

    The Mug issue has been clearly addressed by Randymon - you're always going to get one or two people with the "gotta get all I can" mentality. They're the same people who hit the buffet four times each meal.

    I've been reading the message boards for quite some time and the posts seem to repeat themselves, and really it all sounds about the same as it did several years ago when we made our first trip.

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    Default No Worries Scoop

    Focus continues to determine reality. Couples resort will provide resources for you to have a dreamy vacation with your sweetheart. Keep your focus clear and your joy will thrive. No one can take your focus without your permission.
    Besides, we can't get a clear perspective from a flat web page. You'll get there, exchange a smile, smell the ocean, and love will take over.
    I'm wishing you the best vacation of your life.
    Much Love

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    Scoop, let me start by saying philosophically speaking, I'm with you all the way. Even tho we're newbies, we intend to treat all that is Couples with the respect it deserves. And just so you know, I've been as religiously reading the boards as you have, and my anticipation is growing in almost exponential proportions. We too are less than 30 days away from landing at CTI, and like you we're also celebrating the big 25. So we're kinda birds of a feather here.

    Where I'm a bit confused is which posts are you referring to regarding all this bad behavior there? Aside from the water balloon issue that Randy addressed, I haven't read any other post complaining about bad behavior at CTI, and even in that case, to me it's more of some misguided mischievous vs truly bad behavior. Yes, there's been a spate of such taking place at CSA and to a lesser degree CN of late, but even then those situations appear to be few and far between relative to what most folks have been experiencing with their recent stays.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    No offense taken here at all. The "shoe doesn't fit" but I'm sure it will fit, and insult someone!!
    Over the years , especially the last two trips, we have noticed a change in the guests and the vibe in general.
    The change seems to come in 3 components....

    Booze ( in Wal-Mart kegs or not )
    Large GROUPS ( yes, some formed on this board... As evidenced by all of the "Meet Up" threads.
    That is NOT for us....and for those who say their group is quiet and respectful... Ummm.. A Group is a Group.

    The third component MAY be the Special deals and Low Rates offered .This past trip to CSA at Christmas we saw and heard guests acting as if they'd won their vacations from Scratcher Tickets at McDonalds. Like I've said before , we can turn off the noise, and we know that the crappy behavior is due to adults who can't handle their alcohol..I just won't sit back when people are obnoxious and rude to the Staff.

    Anyway, don't let what you read bum you out... Just go and have your own great time... Ignore the rest
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    The large insulated cups come up at least 3-4 times a year, so that's no new issue. Cti is as it always was, so don't worry. I'm not sure where you read about toga and PJ parties, again it's a question that's asked by neewbies on her a couple of times each year. Looking forward to your review, so you can put anyone elses fears to rest. Have a great time.

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    i am going to csa in less that 30 days and have some of the same concerns. All I want to do is relax and not have to worry about some drunkin brawls and people being crazy. I am going to go into this with an open mind and realise this will be what I make of it. I do not intend to let anyone ruin my time.

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    Scoop, I just found the post's on your concerns. I am so glad we dont go in March. It all sounds a little like spring break. It's good to see Randy's post though.

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    Scoop -

    Wow... you make an excellent point, with which I heartily agree. I feel kind of silly that I hadn't thought of it myself.

    If folks want to party, party, hearty, hearty, but keep the whole all-inclusive concept... there are less expensive options out there.

    Couples has two very nice, elegantly appointed resorts in Negril; neither of them should be mistaken for "the zoo" in Bloody Bay.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    There is rowdy partying at CSA now?! I loved CSA the first time because there wasn't a lot of that. One time I saw a drunk guy jump in the pool during dinner but that was it. We are going back in 30+ days and am looking forward to a relaxing quiet trip.

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    Our experience at CSA in Dec of 2008 was that of large wedding groups partying til all hours on their patios. We had to call security on a couple occasions to put a stop to it. We also found that dinner at Patios to be very loud because of the large group of partiers. The newer side with the swim up bar seems to be where most of these groups congregate so we stayed mostly near the older side to avoid this. Don't get me wrong as we love CSA and will likely return but there are consistent reviews about the large wedding groups and partying. It didn't ruin our trip but it definitely disappointed us. CTI this year was a pleasant surprise and provided the relaxing atmosphere that we expect from Couples. I think because CSA tends to be the wedding destination this type of thing is going to happen because of the larger groups.
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    We are fixing to make our 5th trip to CSA and have never had any problems with rowdy guests. I'm sure there have been instances but we haven't experienced any. I heart CSA! =)

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    please remove from packing list
    -water balloon sling shot
    -jimmy johnson mega mug

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    Default Feeling "somewhat" better

    Wow - to all of you for your comments. I'm not sure where to begin, except to say that I am feeling a little better - still not fully convinced that all is well, but am working hard on rearranging my thoughts.

    * Richie - thanks so much for the warm welcome!
    * Drinkuth? What awesome and positive vibes you give off - and I am taking them to heart. Thanks for the prodding!
    * Ron and Rosa - we already KNOW that we're gonna meet and that "every little 'ting's gonna be alright!" I so enjoy all your posts and your "new" enthusiasm!
    * Jhebert -- WELCOME to Couples.... please don't allow my concerns to take root in your mind and overshadow your inaugural trip to this fantastic place. Read Drinkuth's comments to me, and work with me on feeling good about our journies. I'd love to meet you and say Hi should we be there at the same time. (April 5 - 14 for us).
    * To all the rest who didn't understand my concerns or tried to remind me of the island.... that's my worry. These activities planned aren't being planned for the island - they're going on at the "regular" side of the resort. And the toga/pj issue being "fun" - well - to each his own. But again, according to the posts there are prizes for the most revealing, etc. and the only woman in revealing PJs that I want my husband to see is ME! Period. As far as the "parties" moving to a room on the 3rd floor? Well I sure do pray that my room isn't close by - and I feel quite sorry for anyone else's that may be in the vicinity.

    I just feel again as though this spring-break sounding stuff is NOT what Couples is all about. And again, I'm not saying those things don't sound like fun, and my hubby and I love to party with big groups here at home. But it is not why we go to Couples, and spend hard-sought after money that could go towards a lot of other needed things. We choose to spend it here, knowing that (in the past, at least) the money was very well spent and worth every penny, because the wonderful feelings we had while at COR/CTI lasted for a loooooong time after we returned.

    I think Ron and Rosa said it best......... can't we all respect the resort and the people there (both staff and guests) for what it IS? Togas/PJs/Nudity in areas other than the island/Water Balloons ---- I see no respect there for $5,000 bucks. And I certainly don't see how it's respectful for the hard-working staff of Couples who now seem to have to act as babysitters and chaperones for a few people who choose to run amuck at a resort of this caliber.

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    I know this thread started out about CTI but there are some references to overindulgence at CSA that concern me. We are heading to CSA for the 1st time in 20 days. We have been to CN & CSS many times so we are familiar with, and love, Couples. We had an incident last year at CSS with an over served 40 something woman at the beach bar. Security had to be called and she ended up in the office with the manager. We found this out from her wimpy husband the next day.He said that she finally calmed down when told that spending the night in a Jamaican jail was not the way to enjoy her vacation. He cowered in the corner while she was screaming at security about how she was "entitled" to do whatever she wanted since she paid so much and it was "her" vacation. Maybe because she was twice his size and he was afraid of her. This was after sunset while people were trying to enjoy their dinner and pre dinner drinks at Bella Vista. She was a perfect guest the following days. The CSS staff handled this immediately and with total class. She was treated with respect even if she didn't deserve it. In about 49 nights we have spent at a Couples resort, this was the only incident we have seen.With the hundreds of people that go to Couples each week, there are bound to be some people that lack class and can't hold their liquor. I just know that based on what we witnessed at CSS, if a situation does occur, the Couples staff will handle the situation quickly and with class.

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    when people talk about these mugs are they talking about some huge things or a small thermos? i brought one that was maybe 12 oz last time after it was suggested on here. i used it for ice water in the atrium room and on the beach to keep the sand out. once in a while i put pepsi in it too. is that not allowed? i never ask anyone to fill it at the bar or put any liquor in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gravysgal View Post
    Our experience at CSA in Dec of 2008 was that of large wedding groups partying til all hours on their patios. (...) I think because CSA tends to be the wedding destination this type of thing is going to happen because of the larger groups.
    We were at CSA for our honeymoon in May 2008, and we didn't see any obnoxious behavior or late night partying that I can recall. It's probably a crapshoot depending on the guests who are in attendance at the same time you are. Our vacation at CSA was very quiet and relaxing, and yes, there were weddings going on but they were very understated affairs and we never crossed paths with them.

    Again, it might just be the luck of the draw as to who happens to be at the resort at the same time you are. It's like any other vacation spot: sometimes you get the old quiet crowd, other times you get the young loud crowd (or vice versa )

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    Quote Originally Posted by gravysgal View Post
    The rowdy partying seems to be more of a problem at CSA. We didn't encounter any of that at CTI this past February. We did experience that the last two times at CSA though. I think the problem there is the large weddings and most of those groups tend to be in their 20's so their idea of romance and vacation can be quite different.

    We fell in love with CTI because we didn't have any of those issues. Plus people who want to go naked have their very own island for which to strip down.

    Don't fret as u will have a wonderful time.
    I hope this is not true of CSA - We are returning for our second trip. We did not experience this at all in 2007 - I hope it has not changed as we so enjoyed our first time there.

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    Ok - so let me try once and for all - at least on this thread - to explain that we are not interested in becoming Hedonism Lite. Toga Parties and PJ or Lingerie Parties are not part of our theme and they are not condoned by the resorts.

    Further - regarding nudity:

    Couples Tower Isle: Nudity is restricted to the island. Topless is allowed at the end of the pier. Nudity is NOT allowed on "land" portion of the resort. Nowhere!

    Couples Sans Souci: Nudity is only allowed on Sunset Beach. Topless is allowed on the main beach.

    Couples Negril: Nudity is only allowed in the designated Nude Beach section of the beach. Topless is allowed on the main beach.

    Couples Swept Away: There is no area, other than in the privacy of your own room, where nudity is allowed. Topless is allowed on the main beach.

    Couples Resorts

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