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    We are traveling to a Couples Resort in May. We have been to CTI and really enjoyed the island. We enjoy being nude, with that said, which couples resort is best for enjoying Au Naturel.

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    Either CTI or CSS have the best Au Natural setting

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    I would have to say CSS for all of the amenities on SSB (the private AN beach area). Here is a post I started showing full panoramic views of SBB.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    CSS: 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013
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    CSS with its Sunset Beach is generally regarded to be the best of Couples AN facilities because it has both a pool AND a private beach. CTI only has the pool on Tower Island with virtually no AN beach. CN has the ANbeach, but it is open to the public walking by. All three have bars at the AN facility, but only CSShas the food grill.

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    Ya gotta try SSB at CSS. It is the best AN experience Couples has to offer.


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    Couples SS hands down, been to them all except for CSA.

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    CSS SSD is by far the best AN beach experience. please remember
    cti has a very limited beach you are basically on a deck on a samll island which is very cool but no " beach to speak of"

    Css has the beach the pool with swimup bar and the grill the last time we were there they brought over buffets item for lunch which meant you never had to leave if you didnt want to

    CN has the best physical beach /water however the social vibe is very quiet ( not a bad thing) and lack any social center i.e. swim up bar

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