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    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone who has used Marcia can tell me how you paid her? I've booked her, but she doesn't want any deposit, and wants cash the day of the wedding. I don't want to bring that much cash with me! Also, did you get any kind of receipt from her? I prefer to pay with a credit card, that way if for some reason you didn't receive services, you're not out all of your money!

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    Carrie, you have alot of good points about using your credit card. Hopefully we will have some answers.

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    Default Safe Payment

    I would definetly not want to pay in cash. I booked an outside photographer and payed using paypal, that way it was safe for both parties. Also, make sure you have a contract signed by both parties. I think this is pretty standard with booking any service. Protect yourself.

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    Misha took our photos in Feb and was wonderful! We sent a deposit through Western Union and paid the rest in cash on our wedding day. I guess you just have to trust her. I didnt really think of never getting my photos. I really wish she had accepted a credit card though. It would have made paying her alot quicker and safer. Maybe that is just how things are done in Jamaica. Cant wait to see your pics!

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    Soccer_Dad- are talking about Misha Earle? If so, did you ever have trouble having her get back to you? I sent my deposit via Western Union which she said that she got but she will not answer me about getting my fully executed contract.
    Can I see your pictures?

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