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    Hi guys,
    I know some of you read this. I posted it on the weekend and with the slower postings, it never got to the top of the messages. I just was hoping to get even one or two responses.
    We're heading to CSS March 13th for the first time, and we're (I'm! .. lol) so excited. Just a couple of questions --
    1. Is lobster night Wednesday? (we think so)
    2. which is your favourite restaurant to have the lobster at, or eat at overall
    3. do you know how the lobster is prepared at each restaurant?
    Any input would be great. We were just thinking about the trip and had some 'lobster questions' .. lol. Thanks so much in advance.
    windsorgirl (Christine)

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    1. Yes
    2. Cassenova
    3. Not sure.

    I hope you enjot CSS as much as we did. I would say the lobster was not even my favotite meal while there, but to each thier own.


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    1) Yes, lobster night is Wednesday.
    2) All restaurants have great lobster, just served up different ways. You can't go wrong with any of them.
    3) There are some photos of lobster dinners on Just go to that page and search for lobster.

    Also, here are some photos from our dinners at different restaurants on different trips:

    Lobster dinner at the Bella Vista

    Lobster dinner at Casanova

    Lobster server on our private dinner in the wedding gazebo

    You can click on the pictures to see a larger version.

    I didn't have a photo of lobster served at Palazzina, but I hope this helps.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    We'll just miss you, we're there from the 5th to 12th. You'll have a great time! As for your questions ...

    1. Yes, lobster is every Wednesday. (Except when it's out of season from April till June.)
    2. I think we've only had it at Casanova, but we enjoyed it there. Overall, we like Casanova best because of the food and the atmosphere (eat outside though). But the restaurants are all good.
    3. I think it was just a lobster tail there. I remember Judy being undecided on whether to get the lobster or steak ... she went back and forth for a few minutes, asked the waiter, and finally decided on the lobster. Then I ordered both.

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    Wednesday is lobster night, although I think it may be available other night if you ask. I believe that each chef cooks it his own way, so it will vary between restaurants, try it in all three!

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    Thanks so much, everyone. The responses helped. :-) The pictures are great and the sauces on them look interesting - different then the typical 'grilled with butter'. I'm sure the comment about the lobster not necessarily being the favourite meal is probably true. The food is 'too good' at Couples. Haven't lost the weight I would like to have lost to compensate, but the stairs may help

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