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    Default CN - Fitness Facilities?

    Hi All! Does anyone know if CN has a fitness center or gym of any kind? I was there last year but don't recall seeing one - wasn't looking though... If it does, can you tell me where it is and what is in there? I might get motivated and actually workout while I'm there in NINE days. Thanks!!!

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    The gym at CN is an enclosed, air-conditioned space and has cardio equipment--including treadmills, elliptical machines, and bikes--and weight machines. The studio, unfortunately, is open-air, and group classes are offered in the afternoon when it's very hot. I've seen someone overcome by the heat on every vacation since CN unveiled its open-air facility. If you like to do Pilates or yoga, it's best to do them on your own in the early a.m. unless you're a regular exerciser accustom to working out in hot, humid conditions.
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    The gym is near block 2. If you come down the stairs from the lobby/Piano bar toward blocks 1-5, you'll pass Lychee on the right and then the games room. Turn the corner to the right and you'll pass through the open air studio with the gym being on the right.

    They've updated the pouch containing room keys and welcome letter to have a map on the back showing the fitness center location (albeit lumped in with the games room and Lychee), though I haven't seen such a map online.

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    Thanks Pamela - so much for my excuses as to why I couldn't work out! I remember seeing the studio - walked by it every day, multiple times. So the gym can't be far from that area - I'll keep an eye out for it this time!

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