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    Default should you bring lap top computer to css

    just wondering if you should bring lap top?they say they have wifi.want to beable to keep in touch with family while there.

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    There are 4 or 5 PC's set up in the game room near the lobby and you'll have no problem getting access to them if you just want to check email etc. If you want to spend alot of time on your laptop (why?) alot of the rooms have wifi access but it's not a sure thing. It just depends on how close you are to one of the networks running at the resort. You can always bring your laptop to the lobby area and get access there.

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    That is totally up to you, but wifi is available all over the resort. It's actually a pretty fast connection also. Two years ago we were barely able to get a connection in A Block but last year we stayed in B Block and the connection was great. I think they added a wifi connection tower over the beach bar area.
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    I'm praying that I develop the smarts NOT to take my laptop! lol I was showing my boss the pics of CSA one day and he noticed that there was wifi at the resort. So, he looks at me at says, "Oh, so you will be able to work while you are there?" Uh, work on my way overdue honeymoon? I think not! We both got a good laugh out of it. But if I do decide that I can't be away from my cyber world, I'll take my laptop. Working in bed to me is MUCH better than having to plan time to go to a computer room to work or check emails.

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    Personally I think you should not bring your laptop. How many chances in the year to you get to just relax and not have to worry about returning emails or answering your cell phone?

    When my husband and I leave DFW airport and head to Jamaica we turn our phones completely off and do not turn them back on until we land back at DFW. Just think a whole week without having to answer a phone call or return a text message!!!

    When we arrive at the resort we get settled in and then we use the computers provided by Couples to email friends and family. We let them know we made it safe, that we love them very much, and we will talk to them when we get back. Then after that we do not use any electronic devices the rest of the trip.

    It's a great feeling to just enjoy your better half and not have to be interrupted by any emails, phone calls, or text messages. All that matters at the moment is the two of you! : )

    I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful vacation!

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    NO !!! Don't do it!

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