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Thread: Live From CN!!!

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    Default Live From CN!!!

    We are here and loving it. The shuttle trip from the airport was a blast. We met seven new couples and have been partying ever since. It has rained only one time and the water is beautiful. We're going snorkeling today. For those of you coming in --your are going to love it!!

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    Have a WONDERFUL Time!!! ENJOY!!!

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    Hey Marianne,
    Curtis and Millie here! Just got home from CN and someone got into our suitcase and stole our camera, gifts and watch! Can you please send me some pictures of CN? I know it can't replace ours but at least we'll have some pictures to look back on.
    Thanks! Millie and Curtis from Savannah Ga

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    Drink some dirty bananas for the rest of us! We will be there in August. Have a great time!!

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    Default Entertainment gal named Amanda

    Short gal with a great personality, told us her last name before we left so we could find her on Facebook but I can't find her. If you run into her, let her know that Paul and Erin Rainwater are looking for her.

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    Sounds GREAT.
    Say hi to Andrew and the rest of the activity crew from us. Just say Hi from the Norway Couple.

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    Wow, that is awful to have your camera, gift and watches stolen. After a wonderful vacation then come home and have to deal with that, way to ruin a "just had a vacation" buzz.

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