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    Well its been 3 months since we got home from Negril. Friends of ours just landed at Tower Isle today! I'm enjoying a heat wave of 30 degrees today here in WI. What a great time we had there. Just thinking of the warm weather alone is enough to make me want to hop on a jet! We had excellent service, food, weather, surroundings.......can't wait to get back! One week a year isn't enough!! I would say that still thinking about Couples Negril 3 months after the fact is quite a testament to the vacation we had!!

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    And listen, let me tell you, it never gets better. You constantly think about Couples. It IS the only thing that gets me through winter. It is the only thing that makes me save as much money as I can so we can go back.

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    Once you go there I don't think you ever stop thinking about it. We went for the first time in June of 2008 and we haven't stopped yet.....

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