Negril Jamaica
Flight Info:
All travelers will want to arrive at least 2.5 hours early for international flights. Be sure you have your tickets and proper identification. Any questions, just ask us …..
Upon Check-in for your international flight to Jamaica, try and get a window seat on the
right side of plane. ( great view of the Montego Bay coastline when landing )
Once you arrive at the MoBay Airport, try and get off the plane ASAP to get in good position for the Customs lines.
Have paperwork, passports, return tickets on hand ready for Customs.
Be sure to have them to stamp your passport!

Transfers – Inner Island Flight – International Air Link
IMPORTANT !! Be sure to notify your resort representative once you enter the
“arrivals lobby “ at the MoBay Airport that you are taking a commuter flight.
When flying to your resort: After clearing customs ( with your luggage )
follow the flow of traffic to the “Arrivals Lobby” and ask anyone for the
International Air Link Rep ……….
No Problem Mon ! …….. they’ll guide you from there
It’s a scenic 12 minute flight. ( bus takes about 1½ hrs and makes a few stops)
When you arrive at the Negril Airport stop in the International Air Link office and have the Air Link Rep call your resort. The resort will send a van within about 5 minutes at no charge,
or you can negotiate a cab for about $8.
Hotel Info:
If there are any problems with your room notify the front desk immediately !!!!
When phoning home, minute cards are the best from Negril, most cell phones work but you have to have your cell provider unlock your phone before you go.
Bring a change of clothes in your carryon luggage. You will most likely arrive at the resort before your room is officially ready. This way you can change on the plane or at the resort. When you arrive at the resort start enjoying your trip. You, your luggage and your room can all meet a little later. Check–in is usually about 3:00pm
There is a brief introductory meeting upon arrival at the resort to go over “things like your safety deposit box, etc. Be sure and attend orientation.
What to bring:
Bring clothing that is light and comfortable. Lots of swimsuits, tanks, shorts and some semi-dressy nighttime wear. A light jacket or cardigan is recommended for evenings.
Wedding attire – casual/cocktailish - summer dresses, shorts, short-sleeved shirts, sandals etc.
There are some dress codes for the fancier restaurants and they can keep them a bit chilly, men, no ties needed anywhere on the island. Bring closed-toed shoes & long pants.
Weather ranges from 80+ during the day with 70+humidity. Nighttimes are averaging 75+.
Mosquitoes have never been a big problem – for those who have a room on an upper level, don’t leave the doors and windows open with the lights on. If there is a mosquito in the neighborhood, he’ll probably find your room !!
Bring a hairdryer – the ones at the hotel are a bit weak
Good Hair Products (shampoo & Conditioner). The salt, surf, sun, & sand will do a number on your hair.
Respect the “SUN” - Bring plenty of “fresh” appropriate sunscreen.
Leave the ATM card at home! There aren’t too many ATMs to be found, and they are very costly to use. You won’t find out just how expensive it is (was) until you get home and read your statement.
No need to exchange dollars to Jamaican dollars. US currency is readily accepted all over the island. There will be times when you will receive Jamaican dollars as change. Remember the exchange rate and bring a small calculator to check.
If you do exchange money, return it to the same place you originally had it converted in order to get your American money back. Keep your receipt.
Coins will not be transferred back into American money.
Tipping is not allowed at all-inclusive resorts. Don’t tempt an employee with a tip. They will be fired if caught taking it. Be careful - tip wisely!
Hotel exchange rates may vary slightly from daily posted exchange rates – not a big deal !

Drinks to try:
Dirty Banana
Rum Cream (hard to find)
Purple Rain
Flaming Bob Marley
Mud Slide

Be patient, slow down, relax. You are now in Jamaica and are on Jamaica time. Don’t be in a hurry, and remember the country motto: “No Problem Mon”

Reservations ( important )

Check with the reservations desk “ASAP” to make appointments; spa, tennis, tee times, catamaran cruise, and restaurant reservations, etc. Best to do asap to ensure availability.

Weddings & Honeymoons
Good luck to all those getting married and/or are on their honeymoon. What a great place to be - Negril, Jamaica
Caution: Rings are often new and not fitted properly. Rings can slide off easily,
especially easy with suntan oil, swimming, diving, etc

YS Falls
Check out YS Falls or Mayfield Falls. This can be arranged at the tour desk. Allow 1/2 day. Bring swimsuit, towels, and camera. Not nearly as commercial as Dunn’s river Ocho Rios and not nearly as far to go.
Shopping Tips
Shopping for “Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee” or buying liquor is best at the MoBay Airport on your way home. They have the freshest coffee at the airport. (check date under flap if you buy anywhere else) Liquor can be purchased at the airport in departure area as well. They will also pack in convenient carry case. Excellent prices for both
Taxi’s can be expensive in Negril, especially when getting a taxi from your hotel property. The hotels get a cut of all fares for allowing the taxi’s to park on their property and that raises rates considerably. You can flag a cab off the street and negotiate a fare at a much better price.
NOTE: only ride in taxis with “red” license plates starting with letters “PP”
They are the only licensed and insured taxi drivers.
Carry-on Luggage
Call your airline to determine carry-on restrictions. Airlines are constantly changing their policies. Policies may even vary from your hometown airport to your destination airport when you return home
Respect the Sun
No machismo here. You either respect the sun and use proper sunscreen from day 1 or find the fastest way to ruin a honeymoon !! YaMon !!

It’ not over ‘til it’s over ………………….
When at the MoBay Airport waiting for your plane, try Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” There are 2 now plus a few other restaurant....

Negril Jamaica

Optional things to do:
Catamaran sunset cruise, check the tour desk ( some resorts include )
Check the newest night spot in Negril “The Jungle” – has several bands,jerk food counter, slot machines, and lots more
There is new water park in Negril – huge slides
Rick’s – just newly rebuilt - best place to watch a sunset, have a drink, watch cliff diving ( but don’t do it ) can be arranged through tour desk,
try a fresh mango daiquiri ………….. Bourbon Beach – great jerk chicken – reggae concerts some evenings Risky Business – reggae concerts on the beach – check with locals
Craft Market - great carvings & crafts – remember to bargain
YS Falls – beautiful waterfalls – check with tour desk
Try the canapy tour - WOW

NOTE Best to arrange all excursions through your tour desk !!

Things NOT to do:
Dunn’s River Falls – beautiful but too far away
Coffee Plantation Tour – too far away
Flea Market – will drive you nuts
Do not rent a car, moped, or motorcycle

Enjoy your Trip John & Nancy