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    I am new to this board and the Couples Resort chain, not to mention Jamaica!!! We are thinking of booking our mid-September honeymoon at CSA and were trying to decide on the room category to book. I was thinking of the ocean veradah suite. My fiance is a very light sleeper so I thought that might be our best bet as I heard the garden suites are loud because of the road and the beachfront you have noise from the main walkway. The ocean is also more budget friendly than beachfront so we can stay an extra night! I also heard the newer buildings have glass on the windows which can help keep out the noise. Are all of these things true? Also does anyone have good detailed pictures of the ocean suites or any suites so I can see what they look like, more specifically the bathroom as the website doesn't have the best pictures. What is your favorite room?

    Also what is the weather like mid-september, does it rain a lot? I am not going to lie, I am a little worried about a hurricane season honeymoon.

    Last question What is the resorts occupancy typically in September?

    Thank you in advance for your responses and I can't wait to follow the board until my honeymoon is here!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming honeymoon! We spent our honeymoon at CSA in 2008 and LOVED it! It was also our first time at Couples and in Jamaica.

    We booked the Beachfront Veranda Suite, thinking it was our honeymoon and we wanted to be right on the water. We stayed on the first floor and weren't bothered by the noise. (However, we aren't light sleepers and didn't spend much time in the room).

    We went back the following year and booked an Atrium Suite (similar to the Ocean Veranda but in the older part of the resort with no mini bar or TV) to save money. I was worried that I was going to be disappointed after staying in the Beachfront Veranda. I will tell you that we will always book the Atrium Suites now. To us, the room was very similar. We didn't miss the TV (without it, we spent more time focused on each other) and just brought drinks back to the room. I also fell in love with the hammocks on the balcony. We stayed in a second floor room this time. We couldn't find a way to lock the doors on the balcony, so we had to go out the back door and walk around the building to get to the beach anyway.

    We were there in June and July. I'm not sure what the occupancy is, but the resort is very spread out so we didn't feel like there were many other people there.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me (


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    I would definitely go with the Ocean Verandah Suite. We stayed in one and loved it (3316--it was a third floor corner room). The bathroom is good sized but has only one sink and vanity area. It has a tub/shower combo like in most hotels. If you search pictures of the bathrooms I bet you'll get recent photos taken because someone was asking about the tub size and someone posted pics of the whole bathroom.

    Yes it is hurricane season, but supposedly Jamaica is blocked by Cuba or something. Normally it breaks up before it gets there, but it could happen. When we were there at the beginning of October it was hot and mostly sunny, but in the afternoon there would be a few showers normally.

    Not sure about occupancy, but you are going to love CSA. We are going back for our second time at the end of September. We can't wait. It is really romantic and relaxing. Have fun!

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    We loved our Ocean Verandah! I'll be happy to email you some more pics (

    They do have glass over the windows so no worries.

    September is a little high on the rain average, but that doesn't mean it will rain while you're there. Buy the insurance just in case of a hurricane! The temperature will be very hot and humid. As for occupancy, even when it's at full capacity, you won't know it.

    You will love CSA!
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    All of the newer rooms are more insulated from outside noise by their glazed windows. Personal preference dictates whether this is a good thing or not, regarding the noise, that is.

    Weather throughout the year is very sunny and warm with a chance of rain. Generally, the daily forecast calls for some rain. This always the case; its how paradise is maintained. Whenever a tropical system moves in on the island, this changes to a wetter and stormier stretch. As you know, September is in the Atlantic and Caribbean hurricane season, but that does not mean that the odds for one "hitting" the island are increased for any particular day or week... its just advisable to keep an eye on things, is all. Its a big ocean.

    Occupancy... September is also in the depths of Jamaica's "low" season. Things in Negril get generally slower from a commercial standpoint. However, Couples has become a popular destination and SweptAway is the most popular of their resorts. But it's also their most "spread out" property, so you'll not really notice just how full it is, except maybe on the night of the Beach Party (Friday?), when most of the guests gather for a good time.


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    I can not answer your questions regarding the room choices, we always stay at CN. But I can answer about the weather. Mid-September is during hurricane season, so yes, you can have rain. But typically it will rain in the afternoon and pass. We have been in late August, early September and the weather has been wonderful, hot and sunny with passing afternoon showers.

    I would be sure to purchase travel insurance so if there is a hurricane you are covered.

    September is a slower season, so the resort should not be to crowded, but the thing is, at least at CN, even when they are full to capacity you never feel crowded.

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    Hi beach!

    We were there this past September (we always vacation then - it's our anniversary!). Here are some pictures from our trip, which include pictures from our Ocean Verandah Suite, including one interior shot (but no bathroom shot):

    I kind of noticed some street noises the first night (we were on the third floor, so there was more a chance of that), but after that it wasn't an issue.

    Since September isn't exactly high season in Jamaica, the resort wasn't that crowded, but crowded enough to be enjoyable. But, just like going to Disney World in the spring, that also is often when some maitenance is going on at the resort. Last year the main pool (near the water sports area) was being renovated, as well as the nearby restaurant. It was ok, we had plenty of place to hang out, places to eat on site, so we didn't miss it.

    Rain -- well, it's the tropics. You'll get rain most afternoons for an hour or so, then it's gone. That'll be the case for most of the year anyway. Worried about hurricanes? That's what travel insurance is for. The old-timers can tell you the last time a hurricane directly impacted the resort; more likely, it might affect the airlines (and not necessarily in MoBay - any major storm in the States might affect that!)

    Hope this helps, and enjoy the honeymoon!

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    "I am not going to lie, I am a little worried about a hurricane season honeymoon."

    Just buy the proper Insurance-

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