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Thread: December 2010

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    Two weeks---14 days---336 hours---20173 minutes---1210408 seconds--- Anybody else going to be in the airport lounge about 10:30 AM ?

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    Wow! 11th trip! It will be our first. We too will be there from Dec3rd till Dec11th! Hope to see you there Zazu!
    Skip and Patty

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    14 days till home again! Porkchops will be flowing and nothing but. Good times good times
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Default Well said sandman

    Quote Originally Posted by sandman View Post
    19 day's to Dec.3rd. Arrive Montego Bay at 10:53 A.M. My lovely wife and I will be celebrating our 40th.Snowed yesterday here in Evergreen CO so it is setting the mood right.It's been way to warm,70's.Felt like we didn't need to go somewhere warmer.Put the Bike away and am ready to lay on the beach and relax.din't lose any weight but who cares.There's still a couple of 30 year olds in our 60 some old bodies . Rum and Fun come soon
    Well said.....we too are 56 going on 30 as soon as we arrivre at Couples. Snow on the grouond in Minneapolis as well.....and supposed to get colder this week. Know what I like? Getting to Minneapolis/St. Paul airport on Dec 4th, heading to the mens room to do the Superman switch to shorts and a T-shirt. See you all there soon !!!!

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    Getting more and more excited by the day. Booked our car service today and trying to reduce the # of shoes being packed. I'm a typical woman who loves shoes - what can I say?? Husband's bday is Dec. 3rd and we arrive at CSA Dec. 5th. So were celebrating 20 years married (yep - 1/2 our lives) and his birthday. Booked a bfvs and still can't decide which floor! Who cares...we'll be in paradise!

    Rod & Misty

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    Everyone here in the Ogden Valley is excited about all the snow! Can't wait to get away from it.

    MIke and Monica: The champange and a cold towel will be there even if we have already said goodby to paradise

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    Thanks Mike and Monica for weddings advices, we are going to marry on 16 of December, and really want to see some new friends on ceremony, also to celebrate after in evening. Me and my fiancée we are really party people, he likes club music(i am not sure if we can here it in CSA) and me to have some cocktails and dance dance dance. So i think its going to be fun.

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    Tom and Sharon,See you there!!
    Zazu, we might be on the same bus on the3rd

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    all packed and ready to go!!! six more days till back home!!
    have 5 couples joining us...cant believe already 11 times at CSA!!
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    With Christmas decorations all around it's really feeling like a Jamaica holiday.........Red Stipes in the fridge, clothes laid out for packing, only 18 days of painstaking waiting for time to pass till we hop on the big jet to MBJ and meet up with Curtis to take us to CSA lickity split! Boy are we all in for some fun or what?????
    See ya on the beach!
    Helen & Paul

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    Leave some Beach Fun for us Cold Canadians coming down! Red Stripe, Mmmmm!
    Dec 19-26

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    Just printed our boarding passes, bags are packed and we leave tonight for a couple of days in Florida before Friday's AM flight to Jamaica. Larry and Judi (in SNOW covered Utah )

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    6 more days to go until our stay at CSA

    Luggage almost packed
    Ready to try ALL the drinks of the day
    Looking forward to great food
    Schools informed
    Babysitter ready

    Ready to have have some serious fun/relaxation. Cold and rainy here in Michigan! Snow on the way!

    See you all there!

    Rod & Misty
    Redford, Michigan

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    Kev and I head out Thurs. morning! Looking forward to Tim Air flight and checking in to the race expo to get our goodies. So glad the expo and pasta party are at CSA. So convenient!

    Kevin & Angie

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    Jamaica Mon, December 2010!! Have been waiting a whole year for this!

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    Hi Angie, we head out tomorrow too, flying through Charlotte. See you at the expo!!


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    Come on December 5th & get here, then we will be on the plane to paradise! I'm So EXCITED I just can't hide it!!!

    Amanda & Michael
    Prattville, AL

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    OMG!!! TEN (10) MORE DAYS. We can't wait!!

    Flo & Jim
    12/12 - 12/24/10

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    We've finally reached the single digit slide and will be "home" soon. We'll be at the swim-up bar between 3 and 4 on the 11th (if there are no travel delays) and hope to meet our old and new friends to start our vacation off on a high note.

    Amanda and Michael - Congratulations on your weddingmoon. We live in Troy so if you have any questions before you go - just send us an email at and we'll call you with our version of the correct answer

    Ted and Deb, Phil and Jenny, Kerstin and Mike, Viki and Modis, we'll see all of you soon. Can't wait much longer - Not a lot is getting accomplished at work. 9 days and counting.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Down to less 48 hourse berfore were back to CSA!!!! Cant wait for the porkchops to start flowing on Saturday
    Randi & Sherri
    18x CSA repeaters
    1x CN

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    Lift-off in 5 days....but who's counting????? Oh, I am! Home Sweet Home, here we come... Onique, have my martini waiting......
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    We are here!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Repeaters Dinner 12/20/10

    Hello, we were wondering if anyone was planning on attending the repeaters dinner on Monday December 20th? It is on Monday night right? We are finally repeaters and excited about the dinner. We arrive on Monday the 20th so will they have our invitation and gifts for us? We hope so, hope to meet some of you guys at dinner, it will be fun! Please let us know, Matt and Steph from Kansas!

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    ZAZU - I am so jealous!!!

    Hubby and I leave this Sunday (12/12) and should be pulling into CSA around 2 PM!! We cannot wait... 6 more days and counting!!

    If you have time, can you keep us updated if possible, so we at home can dream of our future trips? Anything new happening at CSA??

    Have fun, relax and soak up that warm Jamaican sun!!

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    Coming up on 11 of December, hope the airports will work normaly (London airport was closed for 3 days). Waiting for blue blue sea and lots of sun

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