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    Default CTI boat question

    We're trying to decide between CTI and CSS for our next visit. One unanswered question concerns the boat to/from the island at CTI. Is it on a schedule or does it run as needed? If it's "as needed" how do you signal your need? Do you spend much time waiting for the boat when you want to leave the island for lunch? Probably not a significant concern since no one has mentioned it as such.

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    You just stand either at the island dock or on the pier. It's usually only a few minute wait (or less) at either spot.

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    If your on the island pier, wearing clothes, they come and get you. Usually takes 3-4 min.

    Delroy's so good at paying attention, that all i have to do is wave, and make the water ski signal, and he brings the skiboat over for naked water skiing

    patiently waiting another 18 days,....
    -The Captain

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    Never a wait. It is quicker to get from the island to your room then to walk back from Sunset beach.
    Irie Mon

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    Thanks for the replies. The naked water skiing sounds a bit intimidating though, unless you're good enough to never wipe out.

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    Naked Waterskiing is a blast, never thought I woiuld do it, but I couldn't let the Captain be the only one doing it, especially since I do ski at home.. I would try it once..

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    Hardly ever waited longer than 5 minutes. They see anyone standing on the ramp they come. Due to high winds the island was closed. This is something they need to correct ... maybe a pontoon boat would help. The second day Couples took us to CSS since the island was closed. they were very accomodating to our request and it was nice to see another resort.

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    Default AU Naturel Experience Differences - CSS & CTI?

    We are considering CSS and/or CTI for a December 2010 visit. Thinking about splitting time between the two or just one or the other and would appreciate an evaluation of the AU Natural experience differences between the two location. Thanks.

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    CTI was beautiful and very private. It was georgeous, island with very little beach. CS was just as nice but different, larger POOL with big beach. The food was much better at CSS-AN. Primarily fried food at CTI but the boat can take you back very easily and you can get anything you want. has plenty of steps and more Tuscany feel whereas, CTI was more open and modern feel. You can go wrong at either location. Good luck. Keep reading you be able to make a determination.

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