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    Default How does Airport Pick Up Work ?


    Husband and I are heading to CSA March 23 - 30 YEAH SO EXCITED. Been to Negril twice but stayed at Riu, I see that the airport pick up is included...great news to me! Can someone advise how that works ? Any other helpful info is appreciated...we, as all, are countind down the days

    Millers in FL

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    Once you get your luggage and clear customes you proceed to the Couples Lounge, check in, check in your luggage. Have a drink if you choose, use the facilities and wait for them to tell you to board a van. This entire process is about 5 or 10 minutes and then you are off to your hotel. In most cases you will be on van with guests heading for both CN and CSA.

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    If you haven't already provided the information, with your reservation/confirmation number in hand, contact Couples and provide your arriving flight info.

    Once you land, you'll proceed through Immigration and then Customs. Proceed, and you'll come to an area with lounges for the various resorts. Head toward the Couples lounge (you won't miss it) and check in at the front desk. You'll be invited to enjoy a Red Stripe or two, and a staff member will let you know shortly that your transport is ready to take you to your resort.
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    Hey Millers-

    The airport pick up is simple..once you come out of customs and baggage claim just follow the line..then your going to turn left and see the array of resort areas. Couples is to the far left in the corner...they will check your baggage in and then you go sign in at the desk..while your awaiting for the next bus or tram grab a red stripe and relax.

    My wife and I are counting down till our return trip this April.
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    Default It's easy as pie

    Hi, there.

    My wife and I went to CSS in October, and two years before that for our Honeymoon. The airport transfer is the easiest thing in the world to do.

    Here it is in three steps:

    1. Get off the plane and go to through immigration/customs, where you'll get your luggage.
    2. Head to the Couples Lounge (slightly to the left) where they greet you with a drink, and show you to your van for the ride to Negril.
    3. There's no step three! Just sit back and relax - you're on your way to paradise.

    Enjoy the trip. You'll love it.
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    aprilmarie -

    As you know, when you get off the plane at MoBay, you will go through immigration, then on to pick up your luggage on the way to customs. After you clear customs, look for the Couples Lounge (it kinda stands out). Just go there, check in, have them tag your luggage for the correct resort, then settle in at the bar for a nice cold Red Stripe. They'll let you know when to board the bus for paradise!

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    After you go through customs you turn the corner and you will see the Couples Lounge. They will be wting for you.

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    After customs/baggage you go to the lobby where all the resorts have a booth or room setup. Someone will ask you what resort and point you to the Couples lounge. They will take your bags and put a colored tag based on your resort. Check in at the desk and have a beer. When everyone scheduled for your resort arrives they will walk you and your bags to the shuttle. Tip these guys because they don't work for Couples. Get on the bus and enjoy the ride. It took about an hour to get to csa for us. There wasn't much traffic. We stopped once for bathrooms and beer. When you arrive they take tour bags off and you check in. It's very simple and you don't have to do much. Enjoy it!!

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    After you go through customs go down the hall and you will enter an area that has all of the resort check in. go left and you will see the couples lounge. They will welcome you with a cold beverage and there is also a restroom. You will leave within 30 minutes for the resort. They will direct you to the bus and handle your luggage for you.

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    After you go through customs you go to the left. You will see the Couples Lounge. There they will check you in. You'll have time to relax and have something to drink. The wait is no more than 25 minutes. The staff will put you on a shuttle to the hotel. Be sure to take a bottle of water from the lounge that way you have something for the ride.

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    When you are through Immigration at the Montego Bay airport, head into the open area and take a left. You will see a big sign on the far wall saying "Couples Resorts". Go there!

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    Default Thank you Everyone!

    Thanks so much, that sounds very easy

    We cannot wait for that first Red Stripe!

    Millers in FL

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    Ahhhh now if that isn't a great pic! I miss seeing that....april and our 2nd trip to CSA soon come

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    Everyone has told you exactly what to do once you get off the plane. I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how much is included at CSA. The only time you will get money out is to tip the luggage guy, the driver, and the spa if you use it. Snorkeling, a catamaran cruise, hobie cats, kayaks, water skiing.....all of this is included! Make sure to check out the Martini Bar above the Palms Restaurant. Have a blast. We go for our 2nd time this October. Oh, and check out the sport bar/complex across the street. It's awesome.

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    The Catamaran cruise expects tips when you get off the boat. Just FYI. Nobody told us, and we went swimming, so we brought nothing and had to walk by the lady with the boot with our heads down. Just saying...

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