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    Default Long Sleeve shirts? CSA

    The FAQ says long pants and shirts with sleeves. I assume this means long sleeved shirts? Please tell me my assumption is wrong and that we are allowed to wear short sleeved collared shirts to Feathers @ CSA

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    Yes, short sleeved shirts are fine at Feathers, just no T Shirts. My hubby wears golf type Polo shirts and short sleeved dress shirts. You will love CSA.

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    Default Short Sleeves!

    I worried so much about this for my husband too. Then I got there and was like "what the hell was I worried about'. There is no doubt that Feathers is a lovely restaraunt and calls for nice clothes...but yes, short sleeves is what all men are wearing. Some wear the caribbean flair flowery husband wore more plain Gap type ones...

    As far as the'll even be too hot if you wear 'regular pants'. Pick yourself up a pair of linen/cotton mix know, those typical 'beach style' lighter ones. Wear those with a short sleeve shirt and a closed toe dressy sandal and you're all set.

    You will be ticked off a bit though when you look around and see all the cheaters. There are those who squeak into these restaraunts in jeans and/or nasty beach sandals and it's tacky. I guess they don't refuse as much as I think they should.


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    Your assumption is wrong. A short sleeved collared shirt is totally acceptable fro Feathers rest.

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    Gladly... your assumption is wrong. Long sleeved shirts are NOT required at Feathers.

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    You are correct. Short sleeved, button-up collared shirts are fine.
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    Short sleeved shirts are fine.

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    Short sleeved collared shirts are fine for Feathers.
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    Short sleeves are fine. My husband usually wears a Hawaiian shirt.
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    Default Short sleeve OK

    Hi Hytop,

    No worries - you won't need anything long sleeved there. A short sleeve "Hawaiian" type shirt or golf shirt is great.



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    No muscle shirts....a short sleeve shirt with collar works! Be comfortable.

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    Your assumption is wrong. Just no tank tops or tshirts. A polo shirt is fine. Or short sleeve button up. We did not bring any long sleeve shirts on either trip to Jamaica and ate at Feathers both times.

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    Just to chime in on this thread: even though long sleeved shirts are NOT required at Feather, DH always wears one, since the A/C is usually set on KILL. After a bit of time in the sun, we get cold easily. He wears long sleeves and I wear a dress w/a sweater. (Only at Feathers.)

    Enjoy your trip!

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