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    Default Hotel near CSA that acept families???

    We are hoping to get married at CSA early next year and are in the process of asking family and friends if they would like to come. One of the main reasons we picked Couples was for the no children policy (dont have them yet so want to make the most of quiet holidays!)
    We feel we should offer all family an invitation and I know couples will let children on for the wedding ceremony only so I would like to know what hotels are near CSA or in the Negril area so if people want to coincide a holiday thier annual with our wedding they can stay close by and join us on our day.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully help us out a little.
    We're coming from the UK so im not sure if that makes a difference
    Thanks again

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    There is Beaches Negril and Beaches Sandy Bay, both on 7 mile beach, although I think 1 is a nearby property, and the other on the far end of the beach..

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    Beaches Negril is next door to CSA

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    As WandA notes, Beaches, a VERY family oriented resort, is located right next to SweptAway. Headed down the beach the other way, there are a number of less-inclusive properties (IdleAwhile, for a very good example... see their website... remind you of anyplace?) that also take families.

    Again, try, and check out the Negril maps.

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    If you stay here you have free access to CSA's Sports complex.

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    Thats great thanks. Ill pass this on and they can make the choice if they decide to come. I cant wait to go to CSA im so excited.

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    I second Idle Awhile.

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    Congratulations! Just a note, if you have family stay off resort and they come to your wedding, there is a day pass fee. I think it's $75 pp for half the day and $150 for the full day.

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    We toured IdleAwhile when we were at CSA...seemed very nice!

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    MnK -

    I'm not surprised. If you like SweptAway, you SHOULD like IdleAwhile. The reason they seem so similar, is that they were both build by the original proprietor of SweptAway (and current owner of Couples), Lee & Jane Issa.

    I'm quite sure they have another small property down near the lighthouse known as ChillAwhile. Very Negril... laid back, quiet, bohemian feel.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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