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    Default Perfect Day at CSA!

    To all of you repeaters-tell me what your idea is of a Perfect Day at CSA would be....starting from sunrise...ok....GO!!

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    MY answer is short and sweet here it is....

    Just being at CSA is a perfect day!!!!!

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    Starting with a carafe of coffee on the beach... while my beautiful bride completes her beauty sleep...

    Then a trip to the omelette station at the Palms...

    Followed by a nice walk down that gorgeous 7-Mile Beach!

    On the way back, a stop at the Beach Bar for a smoothie before setting up for a day in the sun and gentle surf; after lathering up with copious amounts of sunscreen, of course.

    Lunch, then maybe a snorkel tour, or some time out on a HobieCat... then more sun and sand and a few cocktails.

    Dinner at Feathers? Sure, why not? Top everything off with a singalong around the ole piano with our friend Ulti before cashing in for a good nights sleep, knowing we can do it all over again in the morning!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    An early morning run down the beach into Negril and back, or a nice sweaty work out at the gym. Then back to the room to wake mrs. dirtleg and a shower.

    Breakfast at Palms and a nice cup of coffee at one of my favorite tables.

    Out to the beach for some morning sun and a few drinks from the beach bar.

    Lunch at Seagrapes with a fresh fruit smoothie and some conversation with the kids behind the counter and make some new friends with other guests.

    Afternoon on the beach, maybe have a look at the crafts and art if it's vendor day. Maybe some sailing on the Hobbie Cats, some sand volleyball or a walk down the beach to visit with folks along the way.

    Afternoon nap in a hammock or in our room.

    Cat cruise if it is the right day.

    Back to our room to shower and get ready for dinner.

    Visit the martini bar for a couple or three rounds. Dinner at Lemongrass on the deck. A couple more martinis after dinner.

    Evening entertainment at Palms. Maybe a little late evening dancing at Aura night club. A couple of drinks with some friends before heading back to our room. Maybe a late night visit to a hot tub before going to bed.

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    Wake up early and go down to the beach to find a palapa for my ever pale hubby, LOL. Sit there for a while and soak in the sunrise, head back to the room just as breakfast is about to be delivered to the verandah. I sit out on the verandah and have a little breakfast. Get beach-ready and head down to the palapa while my hubby still sleeps. Lay on the beach and soak in the sounds of Negril waking up, take a stroll down the beach greeting those who I meet. Get back to CSA and head up to wake up my hubby, we head down to the palapa and soak in the day taking another stroll up the beach....retiring to the room around 4ish to catch a quick nap and then head to dinner at one of the FAB restaurants, some drinks at the piano bar and back to the room to start it all over again the next day!

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    My perfect day is a very looooong day. One that lasts maybe two weeks.

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    Toes in the sand and a cold beer in each hand
    Mingle at the pool and martini bars and then have a great dinner

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    Waking up with fresh brewed Blue Mountain Coffee. Grabing my wifes hand and heading off to the beach while it's still early. Reading a good book on the beach, and floating in the sea when it gets too hot. Lunch at Seagrapes, a nap in the shade, then the swim up bar for the afternoon. Dinner and Ulti end the day, (or at least the part I can put on here).

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    Quote Originally Posted by badgerboy View Post
    (or at least the part I can put on here).
    I know what you mean I hate to mention going down to the palapas and putting my towel there in the evening!!!

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    Well every day is perfect at CSA. But how about, starting with some Blue Mountain Coffee and a nice cooked breakfast at Palms. Tea and Jamaican breakfast for Jan.
    Stroll on the beach to walk it off before getting 2 loungers next to the Sundown beach bar and starting off early with a couple of Pina Coladas with a VX float from Rashard or Kareem.
    Lazy day on the beach with a couple of songs from Marcia or some of the other beach singers. Then off to Sea Grapes or the Cabana grill for lunch.Then before winding down to take in the sun how about a lesson in basket weaving or making a hat out of palm leaves.
    Later a nice long shower while Jan reads in the hammock. A nice walk through the gardens before dinner at Lemmon Grass followed by Ulti on the piano. A cocktail or two before walking home to drift off to sleep to the sound of the tree frogs. We wake to the sound of the birds followed by another day in paradise.

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    Early out of bed and to the gym while the resort is still waking up.

    Back to the room in time to meet the room service delivery and set up coffee on the terrace for my husband and I to enjoy.

    Off for a breakfast of calalloo and papaya then to the beach to spend the day reading, swimming and walking the beach.

    An afternoon yoga class followed by a sauna and steam and one day a massage, then a hot shower and dressing for dinner.

    A dirty Grey Goose martini at the Martini Bar and dinner on the deck at Lemongrass.

    After dinner some music and dancing and then back to our romantic room for the night.

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    OHHH! Heaven; the days at CSA sound wonderful! I cannot wait less than 3 months to go. Cannot wait and I love to dance, we are celebrating our honeymoon.

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