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    Default What is your favorite drink at CTI ???

    Let me know what is your favorite drink at CTI that you would recommend for me and my wife? I am a red stripper myself, I have been drinking some here at home acquiring the taste for the local beer.

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    While I cant speak for the other drinks I can tell you that if you like the Red Stripe in the states then you will love it in JA! It is much better in its native home!

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    Thats what I like to hear Mon....

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    Pineapple Delight with vodka, Vodka and Ting, Hummingbird, Miami Vice, Rum Runner, Rum Punch... Man I am making myself thirsty just talking about them! LOL

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    The better half has her eye out for the Hummingbird, Jamaica Smile, and Dirty Banana, amongst others.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Are there drink menus, or do you just request something? Thanks for the tips. I'm don't order cocktails too often, so wouldn't know what to ask for.

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    There is a rather extensive drink menu, at least there was at the main bar. There are also a lot of drinks not on the menu. You might ask your bartender what his or her specialty might be and give it a try. We especially enjoyed a frozen drink made with Rum Cream, Frangellico, Amaretto, and simple syrup that acquired the name of "Antoinette" while we were there. When you see Antoinette at the main bar or the swim-up bar, ask her to make up one of her namesake frozen concoctions for you. Delightful!

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    Red Stripe.

    Ya mon.

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    The only place I ever order cocktails is at a resort. I always say "I have tried this and this and this, make me something different." I can't recall 90% of the names of drinks I have tried, but I have liked them all. Sometimes they even make stuff up on the spot.

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    New invention for this year.
    It's called a Keneesha...ask for her at patio bar and she will make it.

    1 part vodka - 1 part triple sec - 1 part blackberry brandy and 1 part sugar syrup....put in the blender with ice and freeze....

    Best at around 5.00pm...


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    They usually bring something around first thing in the morning and call it the drink of the day. That would be a way to try something daily.

    I like to begin with a Mudslide on the rocks. A very quenching but light thing to drink during the afternoon is a simple Absolute and Tonic.

    I'm taking notes while I'm reading all the posts and I am nearly drooling all over my notes!!

    3 MORE DAYS TO CTI!! Yipee!!

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    Antionette also makes an awesome Chocolate Martini. Just ask any bartender for their specialty. If you see Damion behind the bar, as him for a "Pain in the &**. Some other favs are purple rain, Vodka and Ting. YUM

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    I have a sneaking hunch I'm going to be asking a lot for the "Just Surprise Me". These bartenders appear to be very creative and imaginative, at least the way everyone talks about them. So that may turn out to be my most requested cocktail. Yeah, that's the ticket!

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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