We are getting in to Montego Bay at 8:47 pm. After going through customs and such, and then the bus ride to the resort, we will not arrive until at least 11-11:30 pm.
I am worried we will not HAVE our room by the time we arrive.
This is our 1st trip to CTI, and actually our honeymoon after being married for 18 years. My husband is going to be on R&R from Iraq. What are the chances of us losing our dream vacation because we got in late? We are flying in from Michigan, so we will be spending most of the day not only flying, but in airports.
We have spent the better part of 4 months deciding on not only where to go, but the resort to go to. If we don't have the room we booked and paid for.....in advance..
Just a bit worried after reading about people not having a room when they arrived.
Sue E