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    Default making dinner reservations

    How does one go about making dinner the DR, we just have to pick up the phone, but I am thinking ...not the case at CSA. We plan to golf a few mornings,so will be on the go early.... but , also don't want to miss out on eating at what I hear are fabulous restaurants.

    Peter in Nova Scotia

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    When you get to the resort you can book all your dinners.
    Irie Mon

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    But it is that easy... almost. You will need to go to the concierge desk to pick up a reservation card, which you must present to the maitre'd. But you CAN make the reservation by phone.

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    [COLOR="Blue"]When you check in, you are given a form that you can complete to let guest services know when and where you want your dinner reservations. I don't know about CSA, but while at CTI, we only used the form for lobster night as we knew where we wanted to eat. Otherwise we usually make our reservations the day of with no problems.

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