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    We are coming to CSA in June with another couple who has visited Jamaica before, but not Couples...When they were there they brought a suitcase full of school supplies for the local children. I was wondering if this is still acceptable, and if so, how do we get the supplies to them while we are there? Any tips/ info appreciated! Thanks

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    we also bring school supplies for the children, once there talk to sheryl clark, she is ths asst. gm. she will make sure your donation gets to the children. besides the children any visual aids for the teachers, such as posters and the like would be appreciated.

    one love, wayne f

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    I think this is one of the best things a visitor to the island can do. Bear in mind, there are no manufacturers of paper products on the island. Last I checked, there was only a single paper converter on the island. This means that nearly all books, looseleaf paper, notebooks, construction paper, newsprint, tissue products, etc. must be imported.

    When going through customs, I suggest you not hide the fact that your are carrying school supplies, but don't make a big deal of it either. If the agent asks any questions, simply tell them what quantities you are carrying. There won't be a problem.

    We always simply drop them off at the front desk. The resorts all have a school or two that they have adopted. SweptAway, I know, has had an ongoing relationship with the Mt. Aerie elementary school for some time. In this particular instance, you might want to keep the age-appropriateness in mind, although the need is great and no gift of school supplies is turned away.

    Additionally, consider the possibility of purchasing school supplies through a local merchant, as this stimulates the local economy in the deal. Also, remember to fill those now-vacant spaces in your luggage with coffee, souviniers, and such!

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    We brought a seperate suitcase jammed full up to the weight limit of school supplies. Everything from pens, markers, coloring books, construction paper, you name it. Even left the suitcase figuring someone on the island could use it. Didn't mention anything to customs - they didn't ask.

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    I work for a paper company and brought paper with me the last time I visited. I only wish it wasn't so heavy... it's hard to keep your luggage within weight limits while carrying paper! I put most of it in my carry on though, so I carried that burden.

    As for drop off.. I simply gave it to the lovely ladies at the activities desk. Next trip, I plan to pack a bit lighter, to make more room for supplies! Or maybe I'll just pay the $25 extra bag fee and check a second bag...

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    Other than school supplies, what else might help out? Any ideas?

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    I have been doing abit of research myself, I am lucky to have a travel agent who helped me out. Besides the paper, and pens of the supplies, anything that both the teacher and the students can use is greatly appreciated. I know one of the items that they always are looking for are musical instruments, like the plastic recorders as long as they have the paper work with them to show them how to use it and play a few songs(we picked them up at the dollar store). As well puppets for the yonger kids to roll play. For the teacher we have purchased stickers to reward their students for their hard work. We also purchased the cardboard numbers and letters, chalk (we always remember the pencils but never the chalk). Playing cards, small card games like old maid, go fish, skipping ropes, jacks, tennis balls, playdough, wooden puzzels, etc. They are looking for some items that will help with fine motor skills in young children. Other items that they are looking for are sewing supplies, Needles, thread, material for the older children..

    I hope that this list helps everyone..

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    I love Jamaica and as a half Jamaican myself I would love to do all I can to help. Has anyone ever had a problem traveling with a bulk load of these items? I have access to lots of office and school supplies that I would like to bring. Im wondering if shipping them would be a better option if it makes your luggage too heavy (since airlines are raping passengers with fees lately). Would Couples allow you to ship it to them??

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    Sublimebrad, I don't think shipping is the best option as the package contents would have to be declared for customs and Couples would be stuck with a heavy import fee to import your "gifts". It would be better to bring a seperate bag and pay the airline fee if there is a charge for it and bring it yourself. This way you can also be sure the proper people did get your donations. I've learned to pack lighter and can put most of what I need in a carry on and use my checked luggage for donations. Check with Couples and they can direct you best.
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    What a great idea! I'm absolutely gonna do this when we come. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for the advise. I learned from my last trip that I packed way too much. Next time I won't bring a lot so I can have room for donations.

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