Hello everyone!

First, let me say that this board has provided me with some very valuable information. However there are still some questions I would like answered, if you don't mind.

We are supposed to be travelling to CN in June for a wedding (still looking for a great deal) so we're new to Couples and new to Jamaica. Ok, here goes....

1)Regarding the Couples Lounge in the airport: Typically how long is the wait for transportation? Is it like Mexico where you sometimes have to wait for other planes to arrive before departing? Also, I read that the Lounge serves drinks, so I'm wondering what kind of selection they have and the average cost per drink? Also, can we tip the bartender there AND the bus driver?

2)I read that Lobster is only in season from July-March, so I'm curious if instead of 'Lobster Friday' there is a replacement of maybe a different kind of seafood?

3)I viewed the sample activities list and WOW....something for everyone all of the time. I'm interested in some of the cultural crafts like hat making, tye dye, basket weaving and jewelry making classes. Are these crafts included in the resort cost? If not, what is the average cost for say, Tye Dye? I would LOVE to bring plain T-shirts from home and make one for each of my kids as souveniers. Are we allowed to do that?

4)Does the resort offer waverunner or jet skis and about how much to rent?

5)Ok, I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, so I assume it's not acceptable, but I'm going to ask anyway ::blush::. Bubba Kegs (fancy name for an insulated mug), do people bring them to Couples? I'm not talking about the huge ones or anything, just the 20oz. We like to each bring one because the drinks just melt and get warm so fast, as we're not guzzlers. Also, after every couple of drinks, I like to fill up my keg with ice water and add a packet of Crystal Light Pink Lemondade

6)Is there a Doctor on site?

7)Travelling with a couple of elderly folks and a man who just recently had a kidney transplant, so I need to know where the nearest hospital is located?

Thank you all for your patience in answering my silly questions. It's much appreciated.