While I am not sure this can be done to Jamaica, try this.
I have a group of 8 guys heading to Orlando for a 4 day golf getaway. Rather than pay the baggage fee for the airlines, we are shipping our clubs via that company with the brown trucks.

We get a nice coporate discount with where we work so it is costing us $27.00 each way to ship the clubs. Just go to that company that rents trucks, you know, the one that helps YOU Haul.
They have a box called a SUB, Sports Utility Box, it is specifically made for golf clubs and then put your shipping label on it.
We got permission to send them directly to our first course we are playing and our resort we are staying at has a daily pick up from that brown truck company, so they will ship them back for us.
Now the $27.00 varies on how far you need to ship and it is $2.00 more than the baggage fee, BUT, we don't have to lug them through the airport down and back, well woth it to us.

Just an idea I thought I would share

CSA in 80 days 17 hrs 25 min 31 sec