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    Default new air shuttle to Negril

    Those choosing to fly from MBJ to Negril may have an option other than Timair in April (supposedly). "Jamaica Air Shuttle" states they'll start that route.

    Also some news on the expansion at Boscobel Aerodrome in St Mary to allow international flights - only of interest for those using private jets apparently.

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    I read the article, and it does not seem to actually say anything about a shuttle service to Negril. One can read between the lines and suggest that its possible. But having flown into the Negril Aerodrome, I have my doubts.

    This is a small blacktop airstrip that is probably not built to hold up to heavy traffic of any kind, not to mention its proximity to the numerous resorts in the immediate vicinity.

    I guess we'll see soon enough.

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    Apparently, Jamaica Air Shuttle intends to offer flights beginning in April 2010. Maybe the new competition will bring the cost of flights down a little. Soon come.
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    Thats great. I emailed Tim Air and got much higher prices than others have gotten. They want $464 one way Montego Bay to Ocho Rios: roundtrip $918 for 2.

    One way from Ocho Rios to Negril is $626 for 2.

    I think that is a lot of money. Won't be taking Tim Air. For that money, we could stay an extra day or two at the resort.

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    Chris - I meant shuttle service as in from Montego Bay to Negril, just as Timair has currently and Int'l Airlink and Air Jamaica Express had in the past. Part of the information is from prior Gleaner/Observer articles and the Jamaica Air Shuttle website - sorry I wasn't clear. Definately agree that Negril Aerodrome can't handle anything larger. The expansion at Boscobel appears to target some international traffic.

    maryrnp - those prices do look higher. However with increasing fuel prices and a newly increased Jamaican tax on fuel (among other items), I expected higher prices to come out. Hopefully competition will moderate things somewhat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudi View Post
    Those choosing to fly from MBJ to Negril may have an option other than Timair in April . . . .
    But then we would miss Curtis.
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    rudi -

    I understood your comments... I'm just not sure that the Negril airstrip is ready for much traffic... even like the twin engine planes that TimAir uses. Its just not built for very much traffic... of any kind. ATC is remote (from MBJ, I assume), all else is visual for approach and takeoff.

    Without improvements, I find expansion to multiple carriers unlikely. Just my opinion, of course... we shall see.

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    Chris B - OK, got it. We're not looking for a huge change to multiple carriers, just a return to more than one, so that there might be at least (a semblance of) some price competition as there used to be.

    Pamela - agree that Curtis is great, but I'm cheap enough to forgo his pleasantries for $20 or so.

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