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    Default CTI Review..fianlly!! Loved every minute of it!!!

    What can I was absolutely the best trip we have ever had!! I will try and give you blow by blow!!

    Saturday - Got up at the crack of a**, went to the airport, and caught our flight to Atlanta. No delays, no problems. Got on the plane in Atlanta, and sat on the plane for what seemed like forever, with NO air, finally took off, making us land in Montego Bay late. Customs and immigration was packed with people, so we didn't end up even getting to the Couples Lounge, until a little after 5, we were "supposed" to land in Mo Bay at 2:45!! At any rate, the shuttle was a blast, met some really fun people, and in no time were at the resort. As soon as we got off the bus, Everald ran up and greeted me with a giant bear hug lifting me right off of my feet!!! What a welcome home!!! We checked in and then Bryan and I literally ran to the piano bar, to meet up with the other message boarders, (we had a meet-up planned at 6:30) met everyone, ran to our room, got dressed, ran back down and went to the Anniversary party....the first person I run into was Pamela!! I was so surprised that she was there!! (the little sneaky thing, didn't tell anyone she was coming!!) Anyway, we ate the best food I have ever eaten and then we hung out and danced and partied until around 3:00am, crawled back to the room and.......went to bed.

    Sunday - Bryan played in the golf tournament, he got partnered up with non other than Randymon himself!! He had a blast, while I slept in, then spent my day on the beach relaxing!! Met a wonderful couple from Canada, named Kerry and Sandy, and boy, did we hit it off!!! We met back up after dinner and then we all went to the piano bar to sing Karaoke, (note: If you get a chance to hear Randymon sing...DO IT!! He has a wonderful voice!!) Bryan and I, along, with Sandy and Kerry, and another friend Lahyan (his pretty Kelly had turned in) we hung out with Sheldon (the best bartender at CTI)then left the piano bar at around 4:30, hit the beach grill, for some burgers and fries, and then off to bed we went!!

    Monday - Monday was spent at the beach until I had the first of 4, yes I said, 4 massages!!! Then we attended the Repeaters dinner. We sat with Stef and Steve, Kelly and Zane, and the infamous Captain Kirk!! After the dinner, we went down to the beach party, to catch the entertainment and go through the little market that the local vendors set up. We went to bed at around midnight because we hadn't slept but maybe 8 hours total since arriving!!

    Tuesday - Bryan went golfing with Marnie and Dave, and Chris, while Coleen and I were left to fend for problem there!! Back to the beach, where Devian and Otis (two of the SWEETEST kids) waited on me hand and foot!! Had dinner with Kerry and Sandy, danced with the entertainment crew, K, and Matthew are wonderful people, I wish I could of packed them up and brought them home with me!!

    Wednesday - Got up, went to breakfast, (by the way, Ulysses is not back and from what I understand is not returning), headed for the beach and vegged out for the day...until my Yardi facial and hand and foot massage!! We attempted to dine at Bayside, and I have to be honest...we hated it!! Thai, evident ally means -So HOT you can barely eat it, food. LOL We are not spicy food eaters, so needless to say, we wished for it to be the old Bayside with the Italian food , but trust me, we didn't go hungry, we headed right to the buffet, for some pizza, which is to die for, and hit the pasta station...YUM!!! It was also the talent show for the guests and staff, and I sang with the band, it was a blast!!! Then the "real" entertainment came on, we danced for a while and then went to the piano bar....left early, I think it was around 3:30!! We went outside to chat for awhile and Sue and Adolf (Sueboo) joined us...until we got yelled at by another guest...OOPS LOL

    Thursday - We asked Leonard Henry (the GM) if we could have Sheldon join us for dinner that night and he arranged it so that he could come on his day off and hang out with us!! How cool was that!!! Sheldon is the best!! Anyway, we had made reservations for 8 Rivers, for that night, and I neglected to tell Sheldon that we would be eating there, and he came to dinner wearing dress we weren't able to eat at 8 Rivers, BUT....(here is why I love Couples sooo much) they sat us in the Veranda restaurant, but served us from the 8 Rivers menu!!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ITS BEST!!!!! (oh, and I had another Swedish massage at 4 that day )

    Friday - Our last day and night, spent the day on the beach, had my final massage, and went to the buffet for lobster night. It was incredible!! The lobster was good size, and plentiful, and they have this garlic butter sauce for it...Oh My God...I died and went to heaven. Met up with all our new friends in the piano bar after the entertainment. Hung out until around 2am, exchanged email addresses, made a pact to meet again next year, and called it a day.

    Saturday - Got up early, went to the gift shop, spent our $225.00 in credits ($125.00 booking credit and $75.00 repeaters credit) packed it all up in the suitcases, went to breakfast, said our tearful good-byes to Devian and Otis, K and Matthew, Captain Kirk, Everald, and Byron, and got on the bus and went back to the airport. Security was a nightmare at Sangster, they made you surrender your lighters, matches, lotions, even though it was less than 3 ounces!!! Everyone was patted down, front and back, ALL carry-ons were checked, and as we were sitting on the plane waiting to leave, there was even security watching over the luggage handlers loading the plane....never heard what that was all about, but something was definitely up!!

    Arrived home at around midnight, and went to collect our luggage and come to find out, evidently Freddy Kruger was in the belly of the plane, because he shredded our luggage, and crushed the bars in the back, and around the sides!!! Bryan's golf case was destroyed and tied together, because instead of just opening the clasps, they decided to bust them off!! We went to Delta's lost luggage area and showed them the damage, and they are reimbursing us for all of our luggage!!

    Soooo...if your eyes aren't bleeding by now, LOL, you can guess that we had the time of our lives. We were complete bums, we didn't do anything other that the beach, the week went way to fast, and we can't wait to go again next year!!

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    Finally, the review I've REALLLLLLLLLLY been waiting for (even if the doggone thing was posted entirely in florescent green ).

    Kristen, I couldn't be happier for you that your trip was heaven sent. I can read the sheer joy you experienced right thru the internet. Too bad your dining at Bayside wasn't all that, but your loss will be our gain, as we luuuuuuuuuv spicy Asian cusiine, so if others who are there at the same time as we are share your culinary tastes, then it will be that much easier to get the table of our choice when we dine there. But as you said, don't like the food at one place? No problem mon, plenty more options to choose!

    I love the story about your dinner with Sheldon and yes, if what Couples did for you doesn't exemplify the essence of customer service above and beyond, then nothing will. Incredible little gem of a story.

    I know you must have been enjoying yourself to the Nth degree thruout your stay. I mean, how many people can get shooshed to keep it down by a fellow guest at 3:30am??????? LOL

    Again, so happy that your trip was everything you wanted it to be. Now back to reality girl.....until next year that is.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    thanks for a great review! we will be at CTI in 109 days for our 11 day Honeymoon and cannot wait! Reading the message board makes me sooo excited =)

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