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    Hi all.

    I am new to this message board, Couples resorts, and Jamaica. We are headed to CTI in March for our first trip to Jamaica.

    I was wondering what folks might suggest as suitable attire for the Dunns River Falls excursion. Do you just throw shorts/t-shirt over your bathing suit? Is there a locker for your shoes/clothes at Dunns River Falls?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    The attire is mostly bathing suits. Some wear a tee shirt over the suit. You will want to wear a suit that covers good, because you will be climbing a fall. Shoes, you need to have water shoes that can be purchased at the resort, Walmart, or be rented. I would not rent them.

    You leave your extra clothes, towels, and other stuff in the bus. Leave the good stuff at the resort. You can take your own camera, I would purchase one of the water proof use once types. No reason to risk a good one. They also sell pictures of you going up the falls, they are $20 or $30. They also sell a DVD.

    When you are done, go straight to the bus, the vendors at the exit are kinda of pushy.

    Remember to tip you fall crew and bus driver.
    Irie Mon

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    Thanks for your help. Any suggestions for an appropriate tip for driver / "crew" at the falls? It's hard when there's not a charge, and therefore percentages don't work so well.

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    I give the drive a $5 and the crew a $10 to split up.
    Irie Mon

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    We tipped each person $5 for us as a couple. you tip the bus driver, video guy, and the guide that takes you up the river. remember to carry your cash with you off the bus because you tip 2 of them before you come back to the bus. The resort gave us a baggie to put our money in so it didn't get too wet.

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    You may want to wear a bathing suit, but I remember the water being a little cold, so you may want to wear some nylon shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. I would definitely recommend taking your own water shoes and a minimum of belongings. Place what you take in a waterproof bag that you can hook to your belt or keep in a pocket. There are lockers and water shoes that you can rent, but they charge a premium. Take lots of ones or fives for tips. Everyone, including the locker & shoe attendants and the guides expect a tip. The vendors are a little scary. I got separated from my family and it was a bit of a maze trying to get out of the gift booth area. I was happy to get back on they bus. I would recommend going straight to the bus unless you really want a t-shirt, beads or wood carvings.

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