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    91 days and counting… Question I hope someone can help me with. My husband and I will be new to A/N experience and just have a few concerns. The message board is very helpful in answering most of our question in regards to no worry about our body sizes or shapes. However we are a little concern with the age group to expect on the island if there is one. We are a younger couple in our early 30’s and wanted to know if there was a certain age range on the island. Do younger couples tend to visit the island or is it more of an older crowd. [/FONT]

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    We, too, are early 30's, and had our first AN experience on TI last April. We were perhaps the youngest couple there. I think most were mid-40s to late-50s, with a few exceptions on either end.

    No worries though. People on the island care nothing about age, race, body type, etc... We had the best time ever! After one trip, we're hooked, and heading back in 86 days!

    To answer your question more directly, I'd say only 10% of the people on TI are under 40. But that's just my observation from one week, and only one trip. Like the makeup anywhere, it's always going to vary.

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    we are in our 20s and have been to the AN at CN and CTI in the last 2 years and will be there again next year. There are all ages, no worrys.
    Shane and Cathy

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    Thanks for you response. Yes, I have read that a lot on this message board that the island people are some of the coolest people u can meet.

    I believe we are just very anxious to take this trip and butterflies are setting in. I’ve heard it’s best to go to the island the 1st day, which we plan to do but not knowing what to expect leaves us with questions. We are both looking forward to having a great time and meeting new people.

    Thanks again, we’ll be out there 5days after you… 90 days and counting…

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    Recruit people your age to go over...

    I am 30 (today) and my wife is 25, we hung out with a few couples all of whom were very hesitant about the island. We tried it for the first time and when we came back for lunch, the smiles on our faces must have said it all because by the time we got back after lunch, 3-5 younger couples were already over there. Even if it was just older couples, it would have still been fun anyway.

    There were probably 6-7 couples on our shuttle from the airport...on our last day there were 5-6 of us getting boozed up having a party on the island. We met so many great people both on the island and at the hotel but the island lets you "get to know them" a little better

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    Our first TI experience we were in our mid/late 20s. This time around, mid 30s. It has always seemed to be an older crowd on the island when we have been there but it didn't make any difference. I did notice some different "grooming" trends based on age groups (not everyone fit the trend, but most did).

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    Age does not matter. You will have fun no matter the ages of the other people on the island. My husband and I are in our 40's. Our last trip to TI was in Nov. 2009. The group that we became friends with from the island had couples ranging in age from their 20's through the 50's. Until you go it is hard to know that the island is an equalizer unlike any other place. It really doesn't matter; age, weight, wrinkles, sags, race. We are still in touch with all of our TI friends via Facebook and email!! Lifelong friends.
    This will be the most amazing vacation you will go on. And once you go AN there is no going back!

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    I think it varies depending on when you go. We're in our mid and late 20's and were at CTI last June (and will be returning this June to meet up with the friends that we made on the island). We had a few honeymoon couples in their 20's, a few in their 30's a few in their 40's and a few in their 50's and 60's. Wide variety but everyone we met were cool and we can't wait to see them again on June 5th.

    Kristin and Brian

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    Yeah, our first time was last November and other than the first day, I think we were the youngest couple on the island @ 32 and 33. Our first day there were several couples that were fairly young. We tried to recruit when snorkeling and diving but the other couples didn't have the guts to go out there. Too bad, their loss! But as everyone has noted, age really isn't a factor at all. There was plenty of socialization around the pool with people from 30-72... we only visited the pool one day, we stayed right most the time and just enjoyed the peacefulness of the island.. however, the trips to the bar were always exciting. Squirting pool toys were everywhere and even the occasional cannonball was necessary.

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