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    Hello all...

    So we booked our trip yesterday which included direct flights via Air Jamaica. My question is, do we receive our flight info and tickets through email or will they come in the mail? We did get a confirmation sheet at the end of booking which have the flight numbers, but obviously we will need more than that. What about any further communication from couples? Thanks!

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    No Air Jamaica does not send you anything thru the mail. I purchased my Air Jamaica tickets thru American Express Travel. I also only had the confirmation sheet you mentioned above. That confirmation sheet they sent you will provide you all the information needed to register online before your trip. Once you register online , you will be able to print your boarding pass. I still brought that confirmation sheet to the airport, but no one wanted to see it, but just in case I had it. We did not have any communication from Couples before our trip. I am sure they would notify you if there was a problem.

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    I have not rcvd tickets in the mail in years (probably atleast 5 years). Everything is done online. You should get paperwork that will need to be printed out and presented at the airport when you check in. Sometimes you can even print boarding passes online 24 hours before flight.

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    You will get E tickets. If you go to the Air Jamaica airlines site you can enter your booking confirmation number and it will give you particulars on your flight that you can copy. Usually the day before you depart you can print boarding tickets online.

    Your confirmation number is all you will need to show at the Couples Lounge. Make sure you save that and bring it with you.

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