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Thread: Eggs Benedict?

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    Default Eggs Benedict?

    Are Eggs Benedict served daily at breakfast at CSA? I sure hope so....:

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    Hi, just came back from CSA 29/12 - 12/01. We had breakfast a number of times at the Patois Patio restaurant (opens at 8am) and on each occasion there was Eggs Benedict on the menu. The standard dish came with smoked marlin but if you're not into seafood just tell them to leave it off. The Patois is an a la carte breakfast format which is quite nice as it gives you time to sit back and enjoy the experience! I'd also recommend the banana stuffed french toast! Enjoy!!

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    Thanks for the info.......I like seafood, but prefer my Eggs Benedict with problem, Mon! We have 13 days to go to lift off and paradise at CSA.

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