Hello fellow island fans,

I have a strange question for you CSA veterans (I have only been to CN dec 2009). We just booked our second trip (April 2010) to a couples this time we decided on CSA and an Atrium Suite. We like the looks of the large deck on open windows. I really enjoy a cigar and a drink while my significant other is getting ready for dinner. So my question is what suggestions do you have for having drinks in the room. Should I buy a bottle of run from the hotel, and if so is there a way to get bottled pop? When we were at CN they would basically try to accommodate us in any way, but they didn't have the different Inclusive levels per room like CSA. (I.e. no mini bars)

This by no means is a complaint; I am sure I can just walk to the nearest bar and get a drink. Just looking for ideas, as I have learned a lot from all of you.