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    Default Booked CSS- Reconsidering for CN or CSA

    I booked my honeymoon for CSS for December and now I am having second thoughts. The articles I have read are saying that CN and CSA are better. Has anyone stayed at all and can say which one is the best for a romantic honeymoon for a couple in their early thirties? All the resorts looked amazing but I decided on CSS because of the lush grounds, inexpensive suite and all day room service. The cost isn't that much different - should I change hotels???

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    STAY PUT!!!!!!!

    We have been to all the Couples resorts and CSS is by FAR the most romantic of the four and has the best rooms and biggest most beautiful property. That is why we chose CSS for our vow renewal in 2007 went back in 2008 and are going back this Dec. Everyone will stay if you are a beach person go to Negril. I totally disagree with that. I would MUCH rather be on a private cove style beach where you feel like you are in your own tropical paradise than on a busy beach with jet skis zooming around. Check out these pictures of them all and see what you think.
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    WOW that is a HARD decision to be honest because each hotel has their own style. I like CSA due to the long beaches and we like to walk them a lot. You really cant do that with CSS, but CSS and the rooms to me are much nicer when it comes to fancy. So you just have to sit down and think about what you REALLY want out of this vacation and celebration. The age thing i wouldnt worry so much about because every resort it ALL ranges so you will fit in no matter what. If you are planning tours look that way too because at CSA most of the tours have a drive unlike CSS. Good luck. My heart is CSA but that is only me.

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    Let your heart speak out to you and help you make your decision. I can offer you many pictures to look at to help you view the resorts but the final decision is yours to make. No matter which one you select you will love the resort.

    The worse part about going to Couples is deciding which great resort to select!

    Will it be CTI? CSS? CSA? or CN?

    Toss that coin!

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    Rooms, more quiet and room service - CSS
    Beach - CSA

    We usually stay at CSA (been there 5X) switched it up to CSS last November for a change.
    The grounds are beautifull at CSS and the resort seems more quiet, but being the beach person I am I did not like the beach at CSS.

    We are booked this November at CSA, that is were my heart is too.

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    I am sure you will have a wonderful honeymoon at any of the Couples resorts, but I also say stay put. Although I haven't been to any of the Couples yet, I've booked CSS for exactly the same reasons that you did. Trust your initial instincts and don't beat yourself up too much. Having second thoughts are just part of the process of planning a honeymoon.

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    FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I'm in the same boat as you. We are taking our honeymoon trip the first week of August. For a long time, I was set on CSS. I would like a nice room, but it's not the most important thing. For me, I have never been to the caribbean and I was wanting the beautiful beach/water. I looked at TONS of peoples' pictures on Trip Advisor and finally decided CSA had both the atmosphere and beautiful beach/water. I wanted the crystal clear turquoise water, where you could see all the way to the bottom. After reading lots of posts on this message board and reviews on TA, I decided that CSA is where we wanted to be. (My husband doesn't care is much, he's just ready to get away!!)

    Good luck with your choice, and congrats on your upcoming wedding. We are celebrating 3 months today!

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    I was at CSS last year and absolutely loved it. This year we are trying CSA. My nephew & wife love CSA (there your age) but this year tried CSS just to compare. What they said was this: Beach at Swept Away they love, can walk for miles & stop at restaurants for a drink. We loved the CSS beach which is small but so cozy & private only resort there. They said by far the personal service at CSS is much more than you get at CSA. CSA is a larger resort.
    The important things like service & amazing food at CSS can't be beat. The restaurant by candle light on the beach at night is sooooo romantic, love the formal night on the grounds (can't get that CSA) and another thing, especially being on your honeymoon, is that only CSS has full room servce, which means you can order a complete dinner from appetizer to dessert. The room service at the others are just pretty much light snacks. So hope all this & the other reviews help BUT having said that stay where you are. You have many years ahead to try the other ones out.

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    You were led towards CSS, so stay there and enjoy. All the resorts offer different rooms, views, beaches, etc. You can round and round about your decision, or just stay put and fantasize about all the romantic fun you are going to be having at CSS.

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    CSS is very romantic. Have dinner at Bella Vista with the waves lapping at your feet. You just can't beat it.

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    We have been to both and for the things you mentioned, I also think that CSS has what you are looking for.
    Stay put for now and next time try one of the Negril resorts.

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    If I were going on my honeymoon, I would go with CSS. It is the most romantic, lots of grounds to explore, lots of hidden treasures to be found. Good luck with your decision, you really can't go wrong

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    We've been to both CSS and CSA. If this wasn't your honeymoon, I would say switch to CSA. The beach is better, the resort isn't isolated from the locals, and it's flat. However, in terms of pure romance, CSS holds court. It's much quieter and mellow, the perfect place to start a romantic marriage.

    The food is the same, the service equally superb at both, but it's the setting that sets them apart. There are lots of photos here of both resorts, many on my page as well, but if you read the comments of those who favor CSS, you'll notice romance as the key theme. CSA, while not a wild party, is a more active resort, especially when it comes to the beach.

    Of course, CSS has the all natural beach whereas CSA does not. If that's a factor in your decision, then weigh it carefully against all others.

    You will fall in love with Couples, though, so be ready to book CSA for your next visit.
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    I'll have to agree with everyone who said to stay put.

    We will be first time CSS guests this December as well and have become loyal Couples vacationers but needed a change after 5 trips to CN.

    I have been told over and over how beautiful the grounds are and how romantic they are and that is what you should be focused on for a honeymoon. The in room service is also a big + for a honeymoon.

    Go and enjoy and maybe we'll see you - we'll be there from the 11-18th.

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    Default do not go to css

    if your looking for the best couples for a romantic honeymoon...DO NOT GO TO will set your love on won't be able to let go of each other.......but if your old enough to get married i guess you can handle stop thinking about it and just will be very happy...good luck.

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    We have been to both CSS and CSA. They are both very romantic, since there are no kids and very few "singles." CSS definitely has more nooks and crannies to explore. The vegetation is spectacular. But CSA is no slouch in the scenery department, especially if you are looking for the beautiful Negril sunsets.

    I would recommend staying put with CSS. We loved CSS very much, and the all day room service is a very nice feature. It is also a smaller resort with a more intimate feel. And eating dinner on the terrace at Casanova is just plain more romantic than dinner at Feathers (the comparable restaurant at CSA).

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    Well, that does it for me. I too will be a first timer to Couples at CSS. We will be there in Oct, for our honeymoon. It sounds like I have picked the perfect place to enjoy each other, and start our new life as one. But, if I like Couples Resorts as much as I think I will, we will see all about CSA next year. I hope you enjoy your honeymoon, we will! Jonathan&Nikki (Martinsburg,WV)

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    CSS is a perfect honeymoon destination. Private and cozy beach, room service for a romantic dinner on your balcony, beautiful rooms to linger in , a couples massage in a grass hut over the ocean...You booked the right place.

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