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    Default Traveling Questions

    Just a few lil questions. When traveling out of the US do we need to bring our drivers license or is our passport all we need? We are planning on bringing one credit card and some cash but dont know how much to bring? I know we are supposed to tip our baggage handlers and the driver to the resort. What about purchasing rum to bring to the folks back home?
    Thanks so much!
    Mindy and Daryl

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    You will only need your passport.

    Have a great trip!

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    Here are some recommendations for what to bring for documentation.

    Of course, you'll need your passport. But what if you somehow lose it? That's why savvy travellers make at least one copy of their passport photo page and pack it separately from their passport. We bring two copies... one in our check bag and one in our carryon. Keep these and your passports in your safe on arrival at your destination. I know... it seems an abundance of caution and it is.

    It doesn't hurt to bring your driver's license, for the same reason. You should also write down all your credit card information (numbers and customer service phone numbers) just in case something happens. Speaking of credit cards, call that customer service number a day or two before you leave to let them know there might be some offshore charges, which would normally fall outside your normal spending habits and lock the card up. Better yet, apply early for a temporary card.

    As for rum purchases, you are allowed two liters (I've variously read two and three) each, on of which must be produced in the Caribbean Basin, for return to the US duty free. Having said that, more doesn't seem to be a problem, normally. Depends on the agent. By the way, rum cream (yummy... try it, you'll see what I mean) does not have enough alcohol in it to qualify it as a spirit, so you can bring lots of that back, as long as it falls into the maximum per person dollar limits.

    Go to for more information regarding duty free limitations as well as other travel tips. You can also go to for more valuable travel information.

    Hope that helps....

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    I always bring my driver's license, medical insurance card, MC or Visa and my passport.

    For cash we always bring.

    $50 in ones
    $100 in fives
    $150 in tens
    $200 in twenties

    We use this for tipping the baggage handlers($1-2 per bag) at MoBay, the shuttle driver ($20), drinks of the airplane, food at the airport and if we take TimAir on the way back to MoBay, $5 to the TimAir employee at the Negril air strip, $5 to the baggage handler at the Domestic Terminal, $5 to the TimAir shuttle driver, $5 to the Sky cap at MoBay. This last $5 is the best money spent. The first year we didn't do it and we had a very hard time finding the United desk. There was a big crowd (it was Saturday) and the United counter was under the stair case. They know where to go and will get you in the right line.

    Buy your rum at the airport on your way out of the country. If you take the Couples shuttle back to MoBay you will have plenty of time to shop.

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    1. Passport is all you need.

    2. We bring $300.00 in small bills for tips, and off resort stuff. (I like to go out and get Jerk) Fives are really useful to have. Twenties not as much.

    3. We buy all of our Rum at the (excellent) duty free at the Airport on our way out. We get our coffee here too.


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    You don't need license, just your passport will do. Make sure to call your credit card company and adivise them of your trip prior to leaving...cell phones work in Jamaica as well I have VZW and I have taken mine. Tip the driver yes, they are not couples employees...bringing rum/liquor back is fine but there is a limit on how many bottles...I can't remember what it was. All I know is I plan on bringing back my body weight in Blue Mountain coffee, LOL!

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    Default Duty Free??

    Thanks for all the great tips! What does it mean when you guys say duty free? We are newbies to traveling lolIm assuming any rum that we would buy would need to be packed in our checked luggage? What happens when we go through customs?

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    "Duty" is a tax on items that have been imported into a country. It is a tax that is imposed on items at point-of-sale, be it in the country of origin, or in the importing country. Therefore, "duty-free" is a portion of those sales that is not subject to that tax. This is why a bottle of rum, or a pound of coffee purchased in a duty free shop on the island is cheaper than if you were to purchase it in the US (or England, or Canada, or where-ever).

    There are limitations to duty-free purchases, and on your flights into Jamaica and into your home country you will be required to fill out a declarations form itemizing what you are bringing into that country. If this declaration exceeds the duty free amounts, you might have to pay a duty tax.

    I hope that clears that up to some extent, and why its important to know what the limits are.

    As for bringing rum back from the island...

    There are a couple of really great shops at the airport where you can purchase your rum and spirits. They will box these up for you (have your passport and boarding pass WITH you when you make the purchase)... don't forget to tip these folks a buck or so... they do a great job. You can then carry this booty ONTO your flight. When you get to the US, you will need to claim your purchase (as noted above), then when you reclaim your bag you will have to place the boxes into your check baggage before rechecking for your connecting flight. If your point of entry is also your final destination, you should put the stuff in your bag anyway... in some airports, this is still a requirement.

    Let us know if this doesn't answer your questions....

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    Thanks for the clarification on what dutyfree means. I was under the impression that it had to be packed in your checked baggage when you leave Jamaica. So we can take it on the plane from Jamiaca but when we reach Miami we need to put it in the checked luggage? Sorry just wanna make sure we get this right the first time and dont hold up any lines lol.

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    Yes... you have it right... booze (and I guess perfume or other liquids) purchased at the airport dutyfree goes in the checked bag at Miami... Coffee and stuff can still be carried on at your connecting airport.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Awesome ok I think I got it now lol. Thanks for all the great tips!

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