I have seen CSA and CN compared before, but I still can not decide.
Here is a little background info:
We are getting married at the resort in mid April (15-22), she is 31 I am 40; It will most likely be just the 2 of us; The AN beach is not a priority; We are both outgoing and enjoy meeting people, however, we may want to spend the entire week with each other only; From what I can tell, CSA seems more romantic but CN seems to be more energetic...
I know we will have a great time at either resort but I would love to make this trip absolutely perfect for her. Also might help to know that her initial pick was CN.
Also activities I have planned;
YS falls for zip line, Appleton Rum tour, Rick's and how long is the trip to Bob Marley museum?
Thank you so much for any advice and info! We are Couples virgins and are so excited after reading the many favorable posts on the MB!!!!