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    Default How close are other resorts to CSA and CN? Also what's the smoking situation?

    I've read tons of reviews about the two resorts, and we are leaning toward CSA. The only thing that has me worried is that its on a busier stretch of beach. What does this mean exactly? Does it mean that other resorts are right next door and it feels like a tourist trap? I'm picturing resorts being on top of eachother and that is putting me off. Not sure if that is accurate though. If CN is really much more secluded then that probably is the better option for us, though I kind of like the idea that CSA is spread it. It kind of seems to me that you have a better chance of having privacy on the beach at CSA if its spread out, but maybe I'm wrong...its all so confusing!

    Also, another question - I see very little posts about smoking on the resorts. I have come across random reviews that mention that the resorts actual cater to smokers and that there is heavy smoking everywhere. Both my husband and I are non-smokers and smoking typically sends me into coughing fits. I definitely don't want to have to avoid a majority of the resort because of this. Would love your thoughts on this as well.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The other resorts (at both CN and CSA) are right next door. The beach down by the water can be "busy" with people taking walks and vendors walking by. However, the beach portion belongs to the resort and the security guards do a great job making sure only Couples guests are allowed on it. We like the privacy of the CTI beach but also loved the CSA beach. It wasn't busy like a tourist trap at all. I've posted some pics below and would be happy to share others (

    As for smoking, it is allowed at the resort. The only place people cannot smoke is inside the restaurants. Since everything is so open, you won't find yourself in a smoke filled room. The only time smoke might bother you is if you are sitting next to someone on the beach or bar and their smoke is blowing in your direction.
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    Default Beach and smoking

    Hi Staceykoz,

    I've been to both CN and CSA several times. And I love them both.

    The beach in front of CSA is SO long and spread out, it doesn't seem like there's anything else in either direction. Yes, there are resorts and mom and pop stores next door, but you won't have any trouble finding a space on the beach that's not on top of someone else. Lots of shade right next to the beach, too.

    There are vendors selling different things, cigarettes, hats, lobsters, clothing, you name it, who walk up and down the beach shouting about their wares. Also, there's musicians strolling and stopping to sing a song (for tips). It's much noisier with these vendors at CSA than CN, but it does happen both places. If CSA is calling to you, then go there - you'll love it.

    Now... the smoking issue is a hotbed topic, so I'll try and be gentle. I'm allergic, so I'm a bit biased. Yes, there are smokers at both resorts. Some of the smokers try to be considerate to those around them, some do not. While the rooms have never smelled like smoke (there are not any non-smoking rooms at either resort), you will smell smoke in the air at times. No sense in downplaying that aspect, just a fact. We had a next-door neighbor in December, who thought he was being considerate by going outside on his verandah to smoke every morning. Except we were next door, trying to eat breakfast at that time. No more room service for us, as the breeze just blew the smoke right onto our patio every morning.

    All of the restaurants have a non-smoking side. Whether the breeze blows the smoke to you depends entirely on the direction of the wind. So, it's a bit of a crap shoot. The totally enclosed restaurants are non-smoking entirely.

    Yes, we've had to move on the beach due to someone smoking upwind. A lot? No. So, I guess you have to set your comfort level, and live with it. Couples (and Jamaica in general, I think), don't have the strict smoking guidelines we see in most states here in the US. We still go back though!


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    The beach at CN is very big! Yes there are resorts next door but you would never know it. People like to walk or jog the entire beach from end to end so down by the water you might see a little more foot traffic but again it's hardly noticeable. If you like to lay out by the ocean the vendors might approach you as your sitting up talking but for the most part they approach the people up walking around by the water. We love the "band" that comes around and plays local songs so we bring $5 or $10 to tip them. Then there's Chris selling "ciiiigarettessssss or ciiiiigarsssssss" lol you'll have to see him to know what i just said but its funny !!

    As for the smoking, I'm not a big fan. But people do it and it's not that noticeable. We've never had an issue with our room smelling like smoke or the bedding smelling like it either. We did have a "neighbor" that took part in the local smoke on his balcony but that was about the time we would go to dinner so "No worries Mon".

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    "We had a next-door neighbor in December, who thought he was being considerate by going outside on his verandah to smoke every morning"

    Beergirl, It's more than likely he was not being considerate but just prefered to sit on his verandah , smoking or not, - like most people do. Yours is the most common "smoking issue" that comes up. It just seems there is no way around it

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    As for the smoking issue I come from Canada where you can only smoke outside away from public entrances, so it was a culture shock for me. I don't just dislike smoke, I have severe respiratory problems that I can be hospitalized over. I had a problem at CSA especially at the Martini bar, swim up bar, and grill. The grill was the worst for me because you had no place to go and eat. I was also not able to enjoy the swim up bar because every other person was smoking. So this is a touchy subject for me as you can probably tell, but I am going to come back to CSA next May I just wish they would make the grill area smoke free.

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    I'm always amazed at how the ol' schnozz can detect ciggie smoke from a distance, even when it's outdoors. And I know it's not psychological because I often detect the smoke even when it's coming from behind me. I look around and sure enough there's someone smoking, often times more than 20 feet away, yet somehow it manages to waft its way over to me.

    I think most smokers way more often than not try to be considerate and minimize the effect on others. Let's face it, we're at a resort where one of the key social functions is the bar, be it inside or out. And where there is liquor, there tends to be a greater concentration of smokers. Just kinda goes with the territory.

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    The beach at CSA is straight and very long while the beach at CN curves and is much shorter. The neighboring resorts are much obvious at CN. If spread out appeals to you, I highly recommend CSA. CN felt claustrophobic to us after a week at CSA.

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    If you want to get a feel for the number of businesses, resorts, bars and restaurants that lie along Norman Manley Boulevard, I'd suggest checking out, or to download and view the maps of the Negril area, as developed by members of their local business association. These maps (of the beach road - Norman Manley - and the Cliffs road - West End Road (One Love Drive) - depict all the businesses along the way, their locations respective to neighboring businesses, and their relative distances from the roundabout in the middle of Negril.

    As I've noted several times (and won't hesitate to note again), these maps are invaluable to anyone visiting the Negril area... don't leave home without them!

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    I think cigar smoke is far worse than cig smoke and a lot of "non" smokers
    like to huff on their Cubans when at CSA.

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    Default Smoking

    The smoking is really a turn off, but it's not just Couples. All the resorts allow smoking. I f your alergic your nose will be stuffed up and tingle.

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