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    Default Got Lost - Now Found my Way Back to CSA

    Hello - I found this helpful forum when trying to decide where t go for our first trip to the Caribbean over a year ago - and we were finding it hard to choose. After much debating and looking at soooo many countries, let alone hotels, I am sooo happy we have booked to stay at Couples Swept Away for 4 nights mid April this year, we then move to another resrot Ochos Rios way to tr and make the most of our time.

    We have booked a Ocean Verandah room - as remember this meant got mini bar and Tv which were important to myself and my Husband (both lates 20's). But I wonder if I can ask my agent to request certain room location etc which would improve our view etc? Can you advise which have best views of the sea etc, I understand these rooms types only have partial but if there is anything I can do to help get a great view I must.

    As we are only there 4 days I hope we don't miss out on too many parties etc - I think we will arrive Sunday and have 4 days - so as long as can do some boat trips - which love, snorkeling etc we will be delighted!

    Sould I request a room away from the road as i have read about noise issues if too close - has anyone had issues with this room type being too near?

    Any advice you can offer a panicky Caribbean first timer would be fab!!!!! Had to arrange it myself, with husband just giving a little "ohh nice" comment when told him going to book, so want to do all I can to prove my decisiohn with spot on!!

    Thanks everyone!

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    Depending on capacity utilization, its very difficult for any resort to fulfill requests for particular rooms, locations, etc. within an accommodation classification. If you were to stroll the grounds and select your dream room, chances are pretty good that its occupied. Such is the business. You can ask, but the logistics are against you.

    As for the placement of the Ocean Verandah blocks, you'll find them far enough from the road to alleviate any of its noise. Also, unlike the accommodations on the "original" side of the resort (which have their own rustic, bohemian charm), the verandah suites (all classifications) have glazed windows. No need to worry about noise of any kind in your selected classification.

    Finally, while not all blocks/rooms have perfect views on any resort, the fact that you've selected SweptAway as your destination of choice ensures that you will be within a very brief walk to the beach. No worries!


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    OV rooms are a stones throw from the beach, really. The only thing that may obscure a view of the water is the palm trees. Upper floors will have a better view. First floor offers quick, walk out access to the beach. Specific room requests are not commonly honored for reasons stated above, but don't sweat it.

    You are gonna love CSA. Don't try to cram in too many activities. Take time to relax and enjoy the Jamacian vibe. If you love it you can go back again someday, as many of us do, and do some of the things you may have missed.

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    I'll add my two cents worth to the mix. We stayed in an OVS in December, 08 and had no issues with noise at all. The view was terrible in room 3210on the second floor and I'll try to attach a photo of the view, or should I say lack there of. We were never in the room except to shower, change or sleep so the view wasn't a big deal for us. If a view is very important to you then you need to spend the extra bucks for a beachfront room.
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    I have requested a 3rd fl corner and been accomodated both times so doesnt hurt to ask.

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    Go to the Watersports Desk first thing in the morning to sign up for snorkeling, etc. You will love is so relaxing and cool.

    We stayed in Ocean Verandah Suite 3316 (a third floor corner unit) and we had a great view and a perfect location which was right in the middle of the resort. You are going to love this type of room.

    Also, right after you check in, walk over to the concierge to make your catamaran and restaurant reservations. That way, you will have it booked and they will have more room then. Make sure to check out the Martini Bar that is located upstairs at the Palms. You are gonna have a blast! CSA ROCKS!

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    Ohh thanks everyone! I think your right - just go relax and enjoy. Nothing will spoil it. We will have a nice view no matter.

    Especially with the snow we hav here today in the UK - its making me wish April comes along even quicker!!!!

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