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    First time at Couples, my husband and I went December 5th to the 12th. We cannot say enough about this wonderful resort. We had a garden view room, in the 400 block and absolutely loved the room. It was always clean and stocked with our favorite beverages. Very close to the spectacular beach. Thanks to the FILA special, we both had a massage and loved it enough to book another. And the gift shop credit was great to have as well.Thanks to all of you on the message board, I signed up for Romance Rewards and we got a chance to check out Couples Swept Away. Swept Away was amazing but we did like the quaintness of CN and were happy with our choice. We had the best vacation ever and cannot wait to return! Thank you to everyone on the message board for all of the tips that made the trip easy. I guess you can officically call us "Jamericans" now!

    2 quick questions to my experts out there - Does Couples offer the FILA special every February and where can I get some of that great jerk chicken seasoning? That is all we want for lunch now!LOL

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    I loved your review. It just makes me want to go back SOOOOOOO bad.

    I do not know about the FILA in Feb.

    We bought the jerk chicken sauce in the shops at the resort while we were there.

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    For the past several years Couples has offered the FILA special starting in March, but there is no guarantee that it will be offered this year. I know they just had a price increase 3 months ago, but it didn't seem to be too much. If you are looking to book the first of December again, I think the prices are very good right now. Book through Couples and if the price drops, you can rebook and get the lower rate. We booked the Love Away Plan and part of that guarantees you the lowest rate.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I booked through Startravel online and got a deal better than anyone else offered.


    1 800 335 1144 ext. 224

    OR 678-462-3226

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    Through Star-travel, if the price drops they honor the new price as well. However, I've checked many times and they beat everyone else by $500-1000.

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