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    Default new luggage restrictions?

    has anyone traveled since the new one carryon bag rule has been enforced? i believe it is just coming BACK to the us...i always just carry a duffel bag carryon, no checked bags, but have also always had my purse or knapsack to hold books, pills, passports etc - i cant imagine not having a small bag under my seat with that stuff - hope to hear some good news from people!

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    Check out

    They have all the information you need They stated (last night) that you don't have to do anything different except allow more time to get through security...on bith domestic and international flights
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    I think you need to check with your individual airline to see what rules they are enforcing. It should be on their website. I just flew Continental (though it wasn't international) and they have not changed their carry-on rules. The only change was more random checks. Even after we got through security, they were pulling people out of line as we boarded the plane and checking their bags again.
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    I agree with you. I can't imagine putting my purse in the overhead bin where anyone can get into it and now with my leg issues I'm not sure I can fly anymore without being able to stand up and move around for the last hour of the flight.
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    We traveled home from cti on new years day. They still allow a small carry on bag but security was really beefed up. We went thru security like normal however security came to our gate and recehecked everyone as we got on the plane. Had to remove our shoes and each shoe was examined. Everyone was patted down and the bags were opened and rechecked. Our flight was delayed about 45 minutes from taking off but quite honestly I didn't mind the extra scrutiny. Made me feel very safe. Btw... It was our first trip to couples and we loved every second of our stay. If u go to cti there's a young man named Otis who brings you drinks on the beach. Look for him and sit in his section. We never had to wait for a drink and he is so nice, funny, entertaining and made things so delightful for us!!!!

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